Advantages of a Jumbo Cat Litter Pan

Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or you’re getting a feline for the very first time, there are useful things you can to learn that you can add to your existing knowledge concerning the care of cats or begin building your experience base.
Besides the very important facts you should know about the proper food to feed your cat, which brand has the best nutrients, grooming your cat, yearly vet visits and dental maintenance, providing the proper litter pan and cat litter pan liner is at the top of the list.
When to Use a Jumbo Cat Litter Pan
Cats are picky and can also be temperamental about many things including their litter pan. If they don’t like it, are afraid of it, it isn’t cleaned often enough and kept fresh smelling, is being used by too many other cats in the family or it just isn’t large enough to suit their needs, they won’t use it and this can become a problem.
To address many of these issues, using a jumbo cat litter pan may solve any problems you currently have or may experience in the future. A jumbo cat litter pan should accommodate the needs of most felines of medium to large size. If you have a cat that still experiences problems because there’s not enough room for them to navigate inside the pan, you can remove the litter pan cover to provide more room.
If you have multiple cats in your home and they’re all using the same litter pan, place an additional jumbo cat litter pan, more if needed, to provide alternate pans for the cats to use. An advantage of a jumbo cat litter pan or using more than one jumbo cat litter pan is that they hold more litter which can allow more usage between changing the litter depending on the amount of soiled litter in each pan. Keeping the pans clean and fresh, regardless of how many cats you have, is mandatory to prevent the cat from using other areas of your home as a litter pan.
Another good use for a jumbo cat litter pan is for training kittens how to use a litter pan. Kittens learn quickly and giving them enough room to move around the pan and investigate the inside and become accustom to the texture and scent of the litter is a good step in the training process. They will scratch the litter in many directions and a jumbo cat litter pan that has tall sides will help keep the litter contained.
Also, if you have elderly or infirmed cats that have difficulty using a standard sized litter pan, providing them with a jumbo cat litter pan will remove the stress of trying to negotiate inside a standard sized pan.