What’s the Best Chemical Free Scoopable Cat Litter?

With all the variety now available in cat litter products, consumers have more choices than ever for keeping the indoor environment clean, odor-free, and hospitable to their cats. Dye- and perfume-free scoopable cat litters, biodegradable litters, and other premium scoopable clumping cat litters are available to meet the wide array of needs, budgets, and preferences of cat owners.
The Sweet Smell of Success
Fresh Step, one of the top-selling names in clay-based litters, offers Fresh Step Free, its perfume and dye free scoopable cat litter that also includes carbon for increased odor control. The company cites the product as 99% dust free, and it is designed for superior clumping capability, which means easier cleanup and a longer useful life for each bag purchased. Fresh Step also offers a formula that includes cedar chips, for better odor and moisture control.
Back to Nature
For the more environmentally conscious cat fancier, 100% clay-free scoopable litters may be more preferable. Swheat Scoop cat litter is made from non-food-grade wheat and wheat products. Its natural enzymes control odor and many veterinarians even recommend it for kittens and newly declawed cats because of its gentle characteristics. It is flushable and compostable. World’s Best Cat Litter, from GPC Pet Products, is made from corn and corn byproducts. It is offered in Original and Extra-Strength formulas, and uses all-natural plant derivatives to control odor. World’s Best is an organic, clay free scoopable cat litter that is also specifically recommended for automatic litter boxes. Feline Pine is another all-natural, clay free scoopable cat litter made from natural, renewable pine and pine sawdust. The clumping formula provides for easy scooping. The manufacturer, Nature’s Earth, also offers a rebate for the first purchase, amounting to a free bag of scoopable cat litter, just for trying Feline Pine! Pet Ecology’s Perfect Cat Litter Alert contains a special pH indicator that causes the litter to change color when it is becoming saturated. A handy convenience for cat owners! Also, Perfect Cat Litter Alert is made from all-natural products, which means that it is a scoopable cat litter, free from harmful environmental characteristics. What is more, its special, high-absorbency characteristics mean that even when wet, it weighs much less than regular cat litters, making for a much easier trip to the garbage can or dumpster!
Specialty Litters
Dr. Elsey’s Cat-Attract litter is a scoopable litter specially formulated to attract cats to the litter box, either for litter box training or “re-education” for cats that have been primarily outdoors.