How Can You Keep Your Clumping Cat Litter Area Clean?

If you have a cat, you will need a litter box. There are many things to consider when setting up a litter box if you want to minimize the time needed to keep the box and area clean.
Location, Location, Location
The litter box needs to be in a good location. You don’t want it to be in your way, where you will have to walk around it, but it also needs to be where your cat can get to it easily and have privacy for her needs. If it is in a closet or behind a door, be sure to wedge something in the way so your cat cannot get trapped by her litter box, or get locked out of the area she needs. It will be easier to clean your cat litter that clumps if you’ve got adequate space around the box to clean it sufficiently. It is also easier
Choose Your Litter Box
There are many types of litter boxes. Some are just open. You may need to experiment to find the type of box your cat likes best. With an open box, some cats feel too exposed and they prefer the security of a covered box. Other cats don’t like the closed in feeling of a covered box, or it is too small for them to go in, scratch a hole, turn around, do what they need to do, turn around again to bury their waste, and exit. If the litter box is too small, they won’t want to use it.
Keep It In The Box
If you use a clumping cat litter, a clean area will be easier to maintain if your cat doesn’t carry the litter around on their paws. If your cat tends to spread litter – either on her paws or when she digs, consider getting a covered litter box. Some even come with a lid and front flap to help the area stay clean. Clumping cat litter is easy to clean up on a daily basis – if your litter box is covered, choose one with an easily removable lid for easy access. Also, consider placing a mat under your box that extends on the sides the cat can exit so that excess litter can go on the mat as the cat walks away from the box. It is much easier to shake a small mat than to vacuum a room!
Keeping The Box Clean
If you can smell your litter box, it is past time to clean it. Do you like using a port-a-potty that smells? Your cat feels the same. Using a clumping cat litter, keeping a clean box is easy. Shake the box from one end to dislodge, loosen, and bring to the surface the clumped waste. They should float up to the top of the litter. Do it again from the other side. Using a slotted scoop, you can clean the clumping cat litter chunks out of the box, then add new litter to bring the level back to where it should be. Your cat will thank you for the clean box.