What’s the Right Scoopable Cat Litter Choice for Me?

Even if you’re a longtime cat owner, you may not be aware of the wide array of choices for scoopable cat litter. Even though clay-based litters make up 60% of the market, an array of new products is available, including some flushable scoopable cat litters, that offers more options and convenience.
Clay-Based Litters
The overwhelmingly popular choice, these scoopable cat litters offer a combination of convenient use and low price. Some varieties include antimicrobial agents that actually control odor-causing bacteria, which can be a huge advantage if you live in a small space with your feline friends. And now you can even purchase litters containing an attractant for cats, in case Tabby has, for some reason decided to quit using the “facilities” (or you are retraining a cat that has been staying outdoors). The two biggest-selling brands are Tidy Cat and Fresh Step. Disadvantages of these litters are that they are not flushable, and they are not particularly eco-friendly.
Au Naturale
If you prefer solutions that are less harmful to the environment, you may wish to consider other choices for scoopable cat litters. Feline Pine is made from pine and pine sawdust, and is available in both pellet and scoopable, flushable formulas. The pine does a good job of controlling odor and absorbing moisture, and the material is biodegradable, so it won’t build up in landfills. You can also compost it, if you happen to be a gardener. Swheat Scoop litter is made from wheat products, and many users consider it their best choice for scoopable cat litter because of its combination of low dust, biodegradability, odor control, and compatibility with septic and sewer systems. Some users, however, have noted that its lighter weight causes it to be tracked through the house more noticeably than other alternatives. A new, lightweight biodegradable product, Perfect Litter Alert from Pet Ecology, combines a special odor controlling agent with a pH indicator that changes color to alert you that the box needs fresh litter. Its light weight is a welcome advantage for anyone who has ever hefted a trash bag full of wet and soiled litter into the dumpster. As with all biodegradable litters, all the above products are more expensive to purchase than clay-based litters. However, with their combination of “green” characteristics, ease of use, and low dust generation (which can be healthier for your cat), many users still make these products their first choice for scoopable cat litter.