Choosing the Right Cat Litter Pan

Whether you become the caregiver of one cat or you have a multiple feline home, one of the most important items needed is the correct cat litter pan for your feline friends. You might be saying to yourself that one cat litter pan is just like any other cat litter pan but that would be an incorrect assumption.
Not only are their a variety of styles to choose from, they also come in varying sizes and this is very important when making the right cat litter pan selection.
Cat Litter Pan Styles
The standard rectangle design with 5″ to 6″ inch sides is a very popular style of cat litter pan and is a good choice to use if you are raising kittens, very small cats or elderly felines who may be having difficulty jumping or climbing over tall items. The standard sized litter pan does not require climbing or jumping in order to reach the litter. There are some models that have shorter sides making it even easier for the cats to get inside the cat litter pan.
Sizing a Cat Litter Pan
Besides the standard rectangle style cat litter pan there are also standard rectangle styled pans with very high sides. The high sides help prevent bits of litter from thrown outside of the pan when the cat begins to dig or scratch. Some cats tend to dig very deep holes inside the cat litter pan and this causes much of the litter to end up outside of the pan. This same rectangle style also comes in very large sized pans. These are especially good for multi-feline households and if you have a large breed of cat or over weight cat.
Both the smaller and larger versions of cat litter pans with high sides are also available with a removable cat litter pan cover. A good cat litter pan cover will fit snugly atop the base pan will have ventilation vents and a handle for easy removal. Cat litter pan covers are excellent at helping to keep litter inside the box when the cat is digging and helps to keep odor confined along with keeping the contents out of sight.
One thing to be aware of when using a covered cat litter pan is while the entrance is large enough for most cats to fit through there is limited head space once they are inside. For large breed cats a covered litter pan can be too confining.