A Taste of Luxury: Reviewing Aromhuset Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda

Finding a great sugar-free solution for your thirsty fizzy drinks has never been simpler. Aromhuset’s Zero-Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate provides flavor without guilt. We were delighted by the delicious passion fruit flavor it gives you this refreshing soda which doesn’t contain sugar. Mix 40ml of the vibrant concentrate into a litre of sparkling water, and you’ll have an elegant, delicious drink that’s equally as good as sugar-sweetened soda available.


Our experience wasn’t just enjoyable, it was also flexible. This delicious passion fruit isn’t restricted to only drinks; we used it to spice up our baking as well as to jazz up our ice cream. It’s great to know that a single bottle can make over 12 litres! While most of us found the mix to be perfect certain people with a lower sweet tooth may find it slightly more dilute. On the flip side there were a few who said that getting the mixture just right might be a bit difficult, but once you’ve found the perfect mix, it’s a game changer.

Essential Takeaway

Aromhuset has provided us with an absolute treat with its Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup. It’s delicious, versatile and guilt-free way to have soda.

With its capacity to add the zing to many of your favorite food creations, you should definitely try it.

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Begin an Flavor Adventure with Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup

Do you have any ideas for making your own sparkling drinks in your own home? We’ve been trying out Aromhuset’s Passion Fruit Soda Syrup and it’s truly a game changer for every soda enthusiast. Imagine the tropical burst and passion fruit flavor in a cup, and that’s exactly what you get–a refreshing and delicious drink that is tangy and unrestricted.

It’s not necessary to buy sugar-laden soft drinks when you have the ability to make a healthier alternative that’s both diabetic and vegan, with just 5 kcal for 100ml of serving. We found that the syrup is incredibly easy to use. You only need to add a little bit of the syrup to a bottle of sparkling water then voila! You’ve made yourself a delicious, homemade passionfruit soda.

When we were making our drinks, we spotted how versatile this syrup can be. In addition, to drinking it as a soda, it’s also amazing for enhancing cocktails or even culinary purposes such as baking and making heavenly cold-pressed ice creams.

We’ve also read mixed reviews about the syrup. While many love the flavor, some are concerned that it’s not up to what they expect from store-bought carbonated drinks. Some also expressed concerns about getting the mixture just right to achieve the perfect flavor balance. But, it’s evident that this syrup has an exceptional taste that’s admired by a large number of drinkers due to its similarity to the big sugar-free sodas.

Overall, if you’re keen to discover new tastes and love the idea of making your drink according to the sweetness you prefer, Aromhuset’s syrup provides a satisfying tropical infusion that won’t disappoint. In addition, when you consider how much drink you can concoct from one bottle, it’s not just an enjoyable adventure for your palate, but extremely affordable.

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Refresh Your Drinks With Ease

Have you ever longed to prepare a professionally -designed drink at home? That’s exactly what we could create with Aromhuset Zero-Sugar Passionfruit Syrup. Although we were initially skeptical, the versatility of this syrup soon was a huge hit with us! No matter whether you’re sprucing up glasses of sparkling water or crafting a delightful cocktail the syrup has you to offer.

The convenience of using it is awe-inspiring. Inject 40ml of the drink into a litre of fizzy water and you’ll get an energizing drink with an exotic twist, without the guiltbecause it’s 100% sugar-free! We were very impressed with the distance this 500ml bottle can go; 12.5 litres of soft drinks aren’t a small task.

We were thrilled to create tasty sodas, our research revealed it useful beyond beverages. For those of us who bake or make homemade ice cream The passion fruit concentrate has created a unique and intriguing taste profile.

However, it’s not the genuine fruit, so even for purists however, it’s not a all that much of a substitute for the freshness of passion fruit’s taste and depth. If you’re looking for a sugar-free solution this syrup is sure to know the way to beat its own weight in the flavor department. With the bonus of it being vegan and diabetes-friendly We think it’s a great addition to the shelf in your kitchen.

Enjoy the healthful pleasure of Zero Sugar

The benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle have never been more delicious. We’ve had the pleasure of sampling Aromhuset’s Zero-Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate, which is a game-changer for those who want to quench their thirst without the guilt. By mixing 40ml of concentrated syrup with one litre of sparkling water results in a refreshing, appealing drink that’s diabetic-friendly and vegan. There’s 5 kcal in a 100ml serving.

The beauty of these syrups is their versatility. We love the zingy punch of passion fruit as an ingredient in sodas, it’s amazing for adding an exotic twist to cocktails, baking or even dairy-based products. We’re delighted that its multi-purpose properties don’t hamper taste. Take it down to a mix of 32 to 1 using tap water, and you’ll have a still drink.

However, a few of us found the flavour might have a mild mango aftertaste when not mixed correctly and a gentle reminder that the balance is crucial. However, the majority of feedback we’ve received from our friends has been positive, with a lot of people trying to figure out what makes this soda different from the usual sugar-laden sodas, which is astonishing!

This syrup provides value for cost, as one bottle will yield an incredible 12.5 bottles of drink, making it a cost-effective home staple. In short, Aromhuset’s syrup forced us to reconsider our beverage options, showing that a lack of sugar can’t be a reason to avoid pleasure.

You can unleash your creativity in the kitchen.

With Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passion Concentrate of Fruit Soda Syrup, we’ve taken our favorite home drink game to vibrant new levels. There’s something incredibly satisfying about turning plain sparkling water into an enticing tropical drink, without the hassle of added sugars. We’ve had fun with it, making non-soda drinks that are refreshing but also flavourful cocktails, and even adding in a splash of baking and experimenting with some outstanding results.

The convenience of this syrup is a game-changer; a quick mixture of 40ml syrup in 1 liter carbonated water and voila! delicious passion fruit juice with just 5 calories per 100ml of serving. Vegans and people with diabetes are also able to participate in the fun thanks to its accommodating formula. It’s priceless it transforms 500ml of water into an astounding 12.5 Liters of soft drink.

The taste tickles our fancy and almost compares to diet drinks, it’s essential to get ratios right – a lesson obtained through trial and mistake. The best mix guarantees the best taste, which is the “real real deal” without the artificial aftertaste which can irritate certain taste buds. It’s unlikely to replicate a drink’s unique bitterness, but one can be disappointed if expecting the same flavor. Look for balance, and this concentrate isn’t going to disappoint.

Fantastic Value for Money

This is a wonderful product that makes our money stretch! With Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit syrup, we’re crafting delightful drinks at home to say “cheerio” to unneeded sugar in addition to saying “hello” to living a healthier life. Just a little syrup transforms plain carbonated water into a exotic passion fruit sparkling delight.

This syrup isn’t only for drinks; its versatility extends to baking and dessert making! Now, let’s tackle this issue that is the cost. At first, it may cause a sneer however, break it down into the cost per litre, and you’ll get a bargain–12.5 12.5 litres of soda in a single bottle! Make the concentrate 33-fold diluted with tap water to make an inert beverage.

Sure, there’s a mix of reviews, with some feeling that the taste does not match the best brands, but truthfully, once we reach the sweet spot with the ratio between syrup and water, we’re sipping on satisfaction. Zero Passion Fruit syrup is a great choice. Zero Passion Fruit syrup is an excellent option for those after-tastes in a way that isn’t laden with sugar.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Zero Sugar Passionfruit Soda Syrup offered by Aromhuset and we’ve been equally impressed and somewhat disappointed in different respects. We’ll look into what we really liked about the product, as well as where we think it can be better.


  • home-made convenience We genuinely delight with the ease of making the refreshing passion fruit soda in the comforts of our kitchen. You just need to mix the syrup with sparkling water, and just like that, a delicious fizzed drink is prepared in no time.
  • A Health-conscious Choice For those of us who want to reduce our sugar intake, we’re delighted to discover that at only 5 kcal per 100ml portion This syrup is in perfect alignment with the dietary guidelines we follow. Being vegan and diabetic-friendly it’s an ideal choice that is suitable for many ways of life.
  • Flexibility at its Best The HTML0 isn’t just restricted to making drinks. this concentrate has proved to be a boon in our baking as well as ice creams and even added a spark to dairy products.
  • Bang for your Buck You’ll get serious value here. From a bottle of 500ml we can create more than 12.5 million litres worth of soda. This is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible option thus reducing the need to buy hundreds of cans or bottles.


  • Flavor Touch and Miss: While many of us find the flavor to be perfect, some people think that it’s not quite there when compared to other brands that have big names. And, let’s be honest the taste of synthetics has some times slipped through, which isn’t a favorite for all.
  • The right mix The mix can be an arduous one. Too much or not enough syrup and your drink could be too sweet or boring. It takes several attempts to get an ideal proportion.
  • price point There’s a common perception that the syrup is quite expensive in comparison to an actual cola brand. For those on a tight budget, this could be a major issue.

We’re constantly striving to find that optimal balance between health, deliciousness, and convenience and Aromhuset’s syrup has us just about there to achieve that perfect balance. It’s not completely without flaws However, for us, the positives will definitely outweigh any negatives.

Get it from our Customers Review real customer reviews

We’ve recently had pleasure of tasting this Zero Sugar Soda Syrup from Aromhuset as well as the feedback from other customers is overwhelmingly positive. A majority of us are content with the flavor profile. provides a lively twist of carbonated drinking water! Some have said it’s crucial to have the mix just right for the best flavor, saying that a little less than the recommended dose can hit the sweet spot without becoming excessively sweet.

It came as a surprise for many customers to learn that Zero soda was free of sugar. They had speculated the soda was sweetened with sugar as it didn’t taste like the typical aftertaste that occurs with artificial sweeteners.

However, many of us consider that this Passion Fruit flavour doesn’t quite reach the mark, lacking that old-fashioned flavor we’re nostalgic for.

However, when the mix is right We’ve found this sweetener to be a refreshing choice. We even cheekily admitted that it could possibly be as good as some major brand names in the non-sugar soda world. The trick is in the art of mixing – 40 milliliters of syrup to 1,000 meters of water, you’ll have a excellent soda, particularly when you want to steer away from canned products.

Be aware that this isn’t the bee’s knees for everyone. A few of us find it quite expensive. But for a sugar-free treat that’s easy to do, it’s fantastic in the eyes of those who are looking for a guiltless refreshing fizzy drink.

Last Thoughts on Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Syrup

We’ve enjoyed a lot of fun playing with Aromhuset’s Zero Purity Fruit Syrup. It’s safe to say that it’s certainly enlivened our hydration routine. The fact that it’s sugar-free and deliciously delicious as well is a major plus particularly for those being mindful of our intake of sugar. at just 5 kcal/ 100ml serving, it’s a no-brainer for our health-conscious companions.

Aromhuset might be one of the very few, if perhaps not the sole, company to utilize the non-off-taste sweetener Sucralose in their soda concentrate, possibly due to its higher cost. It is always advisable to look at the labels on soda concentrates to steer off sweeteners like Acesulfame, aspartame, cyclamate, and others.

The range of syrups can be quite impressive. We’ve used it to whip up everything from refreshing sodas to exotic cocktails, and even flavored our desserts. There’s a sense satisfaction with the knowledge that a tiny amount is enough – A single bottle of 500ml conjures the equivalent of 12.5 litres of fizzy drinks.

However, it’s been the result of a lot of trial and error for us to find the ideal balance. Too sugar and the sweetness gets too much and the taste doesn’t reach the right level. We’re generally delighted with the authentic taste of passionfruit however, the taste is a subjective experience however, with some of us stating that getting the balance just perfect is key to having the most enjoyable experience.

Ultimately, Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Syrup has been a game-changer in our lives that offers a guilt-free means to enjoy a fizzier, tasteful drink. But remember, the key component is within the syrup!


Frequently Asked Questions

Having just explored the refreshing environment of Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate There are plenty of thoughts as well as insights to give away. The sugar-free option doesn’t compromise on flavor. It still packs an enticing punch of tropical flavor! Cocktails have been created that are cool and we’ve even found out how sustainably sourced these ingredients come from. Let’s discuss some of the main issues you’ll face prior to purchasing this multi-purpose syrup.

What delightful flavours can I expect from this soda containing passion fruit?

When we poured this syrup into our sparkling water, the room filled with the aroma fresh passion fruit. The syrup gives a vibrant natural fruit flavour that’s both tangy and sweet it’s akin to fresh fruit in itself, without any overpowering artificial aftertaste. Sipping this drink felt like a trip away to the tropics.

What happens when the sugar-free element affect the flavor from the syrup?

It’s easy to think that no sugar would result in a decrease in flavor, but with this syrup, we were pleasantly at how delicious it was. There’s a slight difference in mouthfeel. Sugar is known to give a stronger sensation, but the intense sweet passionfruit flavor ensures that the flavour is strong and full of flavor. It’s tasty enough for us, and might make you forget it’s sugar-free!

Is this syrup concentrate compatible with soda-making machines? I’m eager to know!

Absolutely! We’ve tested it in different soda makers and it was a perfect blend each time. Just add the right dosage of syrup carbonate it with water. And voila! you’ll be drinking a bubbly, fresh drink that hits just the right spot. It’s a great way to create that DIY beverage at home.

Can you suggest some energizing cocktail recipes that ally with this syrup?

Mixing up cocktails was a blast with this syrup. Here’s a quick suggestion for mixing the syrup: mix it with a splash of white rum, a smidge of lime juice and ice. Top it off with soda and you’ll have the perfect Tropical Fizz that’s bound to bring a smile to any gathering. The syrup is versatile that’s why you can add it to any of your favorite spirits for an instant and fruity twist.

The most appealing aspect is sweetness. Sucralose doesn’t leave a bitter flavor when mixed with alcohol, so drinks taste as though they were made with regular soda.

I’m curious to know the most essential ingredients in this syrup? How do they come from sustainable sources?

We’ve learned that its main ingredients are passion fruit flavoring, natural colorants and sweeteners that are reminiscent of the sweetness of sugar. The label claims they’re procured with sustainability in mind which is a carefully selecting suppliers that are responsible. The plant located in Sweden runs on solar power and runs with an environmental agenda. It’s a calming and relaxing experience that does not only pertain to the taste, but also to the origins that the syrup is made from!

Are there any preservatives or synthetic sweeteners that are in the syrup that I need to be conscious of?

For those who are hesitant about the addition of harmful substances, you can rest assured knowing that according to the company, the syrup shy away from the use of preservatives. The zero-sugar claim is confirmed by sweetener (made by combining sugar), which do admirably at replicating sugar’s sweetness and calorie substance, and providing a guilt free indulgence for your tastebuds.

We’ve now addressed these topics, we’re confident that having Aromhuset’s fruit drink is the ideal option for every fan of a fizzy drink. The drink is a tangy journey tropical flavors and an added sugar-free element that doesn’t leave you wanting. Let’s drink responsibly and in a creative way, shall we?