Why Homemade Cat Food Scores Over Commercial Cat Foods

Before rushing off to buy commercially processed cat food it is actually worth your while to pause for a moment to think about the many benefits that feeding your cat with homemade cat food provides. No doubt, there is greater convenience when feeding commercially produced cat food because it only involves opening a can or a bag of food after which you just put the food into a dish which the cat can then feed on.

Homemade Cat Food

Many people are also convinced of the fact that there are also many advantages to opting for homemade cat food, and among these people are many that have been feeding their cats from the time before commercially produced cat foods became so popular and readily available. As a matter of fact before the advent of commercial cat foods, pet owners actually had little option but to feed their cats with homemade cat food.

Feeding homemade cat food has many benefits not least of which that it apparently ensures that your cat will live longer as well as be happier. If you consider the number of recalls that have taken place in the recent past it will certainly make you think that there is not much wrong with homemade cat food and quite a bit wrong with commercially produced cat foods.

It would also not be wrong to assume that by feeding your cat with homemade cat food you will be able to ensure, at the very least, that what goes into the stomach of your cat will not have any artificial ingredients or preservatives or coloring agents. What’s more, commercial cat foods are produced at high temperatures which of course can then lead to loss of vitamins and animal fat may also be added to these foods to make them tastier. This would be like feeding your cat with junk food, and given the fact that cats become overweight and obese very easily, commercial foods will pose a real health threat as well.

By including uncooked meats in your homemade cat food dishes you can ensure that the cat gets a good supply of nutrients and they will therefore be more likely to remain fit and in good physical and mental health.

Many cat owners are in fact becoming very concerned about the dangers of feeding their cat with dry cat food. The simple fact of the matter is that unlike humans that are omnivores, cats happen to be obligate carnivores and they need to be fed with raw meats instead of being fed with excess of fruits and vegetables that are ideally suited for human consumption but not so good when fed to cats. Actually, if you try alternating feeding cats with homemade cat food and commercial cat foods, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the cats prefer the former kind of foods and not the commercially produced offerings.