Why Choose Domestic Cat Breeds Over Exotic Breeds?

When you decide to get a cat, you have a few choices. You can go to the local pet store and pick the fist small cat breed to catch your eye, you can look in your local newspaper to see if anyone is giving away free kittens, you can look online to see if anyone is selling or giving away cats, or you can do the smart thing and go to a certified cat breeder. The reason you want to go to a cat breeder is so that you can ensure that the cat is healthy, you will get papers on the cat telling you the parents were, what blood line it’s from and you’ll be guaranteed in case the cat gets sick or dies soon after you buy it. Now all you have to decide is whether to go with a domestic cat breed or an exotic breed. As you’ll soon see, it may be best to go domestic.

Domestic Cat Breeds Environment

When you buy a domestic cat breed, you know that it’s already used to the climate in which you live. You won’t have to worry about the cat not having the proper defenses against diseases and illnesses. This may not be the case with exotic breeds. Sure, you can get vaccinations and take exotic breeds to the vet to make sure they’ll fare well in your part of the world but you’re more likely to be successful with a domestic breed cat than a cat that’s from another part of the world entirely.

Domestic Cat Breeds Price

Unless you’re prepared to shell out major bucks for an exotic breed, you’re better off with a domestic cat breed. Domestic cat breeds are from here, and thus you won’t have to pay as much for them. When you go to a breeder for a domestic cat breed, you’re only ensuring that you’re getting a cat of great quality. While you’ll also get a cat of great quality from an exotic breeder, a domestic cat breeder won’t ask for as much money for basically the same quality of cat.

There are many types of domestic cat breeds. While exotic cats may look just that, exotic, and some are very beautiful, there are also many domestic breeds that are just as beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with choosing domestic, it doesn’t have to infer a lesser quality cat, and you’ll be ensured that it will fare in your neck of the woods because it’s already used to these types of surroundings.