Which Cat Breed Should You Get?

Some people choose their cats merely by the one that catches their eye at the local pet store. Some choose their cats by chance when they answer an ad for free kittens in the local newspaper. Others, however, are a little more choosy. They’re more scientific about how they choose their cat breed. They want a breed that truly fits their personality. Maybe their allergic to some breeds and thus want to choose a breed that will be a little more friendly to their system. And some just want a breed that they think looks beautiful. If you’re the type that’s a little more choosy than just leaving it to chance or by what catches your eye, you may want to look up a person who is an expert at breeding cats to find out which breeds are right for you.

Cat Breeds And Allergies

The main reason why some people don’t choose a certain breed is due to allergies. There are some cats that are perfect with those with allergies. It’s a myth that hairless cats are great for those with allergies because it’s not really the fur that exacerbates the allergic reactions but the actual dander, the dead, sloughed off skin of the cat breed. There are some breeds, however, that are good with those with allergies. You should ask a breeder who is into breeding various cat breeds which ones are great for your allergies. Some breeds work for some with allergies but not for others. Therefore, it may be worth it to actually hold a few cat breeds in your hands to make sure you don’t have a reaction before you actually buy and get attached to the cat you choose.

Beauty Of Cat Breeds

The other reason people choose some cat breeds is because of the look of the cat. They want a cat that looks beautiful and thus they want a cat breed that they will want to show off. You may not be showing the cat in pageants or shows, but you just want a cat that looks physically appealing. Long hair cats, and other exotic breeds are perfect for those who want a cat that they find beautiful. When you have a cat that’s very coveted by many would be cat owners, you can always expect to spend a little more than usual. However, when you go with a breeder and you spend the little extra money, you’ll more than likely get the papers and the bloodline to go along with it. It’s worth it when you know where the cat came from, what breed it is, who the mother and father were as well as knowing that the cat is certified.

There are many cat breeds to choose from. It’s likely you’ll find the perfect breed once you look up several breeders in your area and ask plenty of questions regarding the perfect cat for you.