What To Know Before You Choose Exotic Cat Breeds

It’s very tempting to want to choose exotic cat breeds for your new pet. Just looking at exotic cat breeds shows you how beautiful they are, how, well, exotic looking they are and how unique looking they are. They’re much more interesting looking than domestic breeds and they’re also much more expensive. It would be worth it to spend the money on an exotic breed but before you choose one of these breeds, you should brush up on all the cat breed information you can. Find out what it would take to care for the particular exotic cat breed you’re looking for, find out what illnesses they’re susceptible to and also what diseases they tend to catch. This will prepare for anything that could go wrong with your new pet so that you can ensure it lives a long, full life.

Breeders Of Exotic Cat Breeds

You should never buy an exotic cat breed from a pet store or accept them from somebody posting in your local newspaper. There’s no telling where these cats came from and they could already be sick or have some disease. It’s better to get an exotic cat breed from an actual breeder who is very knowledgeable about those types of cats. That way, you know they are well cared for, they’re healthy, they’re backed up by certification and you know exactly where they came from, including the names of their parents.


One thing you need to know before you buy an exotic cat breed is that you must ensure that it’s kept up with its immunization shots. Exotic cat breeds often aren’t prepared for the type of environment you’ll be keeping the cat in. It may not have the proper defenses against certain diseases and illnesses that it will constantly be bombarded with. Some breeders already have the shots taken care of before you buy the cat but some don’t. Make sure you know whether or not it’s had its shots so that you can make sure your cat remains as healthy as possible. If it hasn’t had its shots, take it to a vet who knows a lot about that breed of pet and make regular appointments from that point on.

An exotic cat breed will make a great pet if you return the favor by being a good owner and you take care of that breed as best you can. Exotic pets often need more specialized care than domestic breed pets but the rewards are well worth the effort.