Large Cat Breeds May Be More Aggressive

When looking for a cat breed that would make a good pet, you have many breeds to choose from. There are small breeds and then there are large breeds. You should be aware, though, that some large cat breeds are more aggressive than smaller breeds. Especially when you get into the exotic cat breeds, these larger cats are more likely to use their size and aggressiveness for hunting purposes. When you make the cat into a house pet, and then you anger the cat for any reason, the cat could get more aggressive and could hurt you if it is a large cat breed. This should be a warning to all those who have small children in the house. If you’re worried about your cat getting aggressive, you may be better off choosing a small breed rather than a large cat breed.

Talk To Your Large Cat Breeder

When you buy a new cat, you should always go with a breeder. That way, you can ensure that the cat is healthy, that it has papers and you can also find out who the parents are to make sure it comes from a strong blood line. That being said, you need to discuss your needs with your breeder so that you end up getting what you pay for. Make sure you tell the breeder if you have small children and that you really don’t want an aggressive cat. Now, not all large cat breeds are aggressive and you may be able to find one through your breeder that will be a large, but not aggressive, breed. Still, it’s likely that your breeder will point you towards a smaller breed so that you increase your chances of getting a better behaved house cat.

Large Cat Is Using Its Size

Even if your large cat breed is sweet and loving, and even if it’s fixed which usually tends to calm cats down, sometimes it will use its size when it feels cornered or it gets angry for whatever reason. Anyone who has ever owned a large size cat knows that when they are angry, they will lash out and they are strong. They can wrap their paws around your arms or legs and sink their teeth in. If you have a small cat breed, this won’t be a problem to just brush it aside. If it’s a large cat breed, however, that’s when you could really get into trouble.

Again, it all depends on your needs in what you’re looking for in a pet cat. It’s just that most find that smaller breeds do much better than larger breeds when making them into domestic house pets.