Know The Different Types Of Cat Food Before Selecting One For Your Cat

Feeding your pet cat with commercially produced cat foods is recommended though you need to also take into account the fact that such foods come in different varieties. You can buy these foods in canned form, as dry food as well as in semi-moist form, and you can even use them in combination of dried and canned foods. The best way to learn which type your cat loves the most is to feed them with a little bit of each in order to see which one she is partial to.

More Costly Cat Food

Canned cat foods are more costly than the semi-moist and dried foods though vets will still recommend that you choose this kind on account of the fact that this food contains between fifty and seventy-eight percent of water which means that when it is fed to the cat there is no need to supplement it with dry foods. However, before purchasing canned cat foods makes sure to avoid those foods that are too loaded with preservatives and to also avoid products that contain meat or animal by-products as main ingredients.

In the case of dry cat food you need to first of all ensure that the food contains meat as its primary ingredient and that meat by-products are not the main ingredient. You need to also ensure that before buying this kind of cat food that the label shows that its expiration date is still quite far away. Lastly, you need to also ensure storing the dry cat food in airtight plastic containers and to also feed this food within a month of its purchase.

Dry Cat Food Advantages

A big advantage to feeding your cat with dry food is that there is nothing to stop you from leaving this food out for the entire day since this kind of cat food does not get spoilt when left out in the open. The only trouble is when you feed it to senior cats; they will have a hard time chewing it – mainly on account of having missing teeth or because their teeth have become very sensitive.

Most vets do not recommend that you feed your cat with semi-moist cat food as its main food because such foods contain excessive amounts of preservatives and there are also too much of chemicals, and artificial flavoring as well as sugar and coloring – all of which are not good for your cat’s health.

When it concerns identifying the best cat food, you should first of all consider using only natural cat foods as these provide your cat with more nutritional value and are also devoid of any artificial substances that can harm the health of your cat. Lastly, before you choose a particular cat food makes sure to test the food for allergic reactions to chemicals or other ingredients contained in the cat food.