Do You Feed Dry Cat Food To Your Cat On Purpose Or Because Of Ignorance?

There could be many reasons why pet owners feed their cats with dry cat food. Some might do it on purpose while others might do it out of ignorance. Not knowing whether or not dry cat food is good for your cat’s health is a dangerous thing because feeding dry cat food could actually lead you to contribute to your cat’s health problems rather than ensuring that she remains fit and fine.

Dry Cat Food – Different Physiology

Cats have a physiology that is quite different than that of humans and so it would be wrong to feed your cat with dry cat food based on the fact that you belief (mistakenly, of course) that your cat will relish foods that humans relish. In fact, cats have a greater need to be fed with raw meats and their digestive system is not in fact good at digesting fruits and vegetables as is the case with human digestive system.

Given the fact that dry cat food contains considerable amount of fruits and vegetables as well as processed carbohydrates and the dry cat food labels expound on the benefits of these ingredients you could be feeding your cat with ingredients that can make your cat develop illnesses such as irritable bowel disease and even diabetes.

Most supermarkets that stock dry cat food will have products that show on their labels that the product contains plenty of fruits, and vegetables and this will give you the wrong impression that these ingredients are good for your cat. In fact, this is both wrong as well as dangerous and the sooner you become aware of this the better it is for you and for your cat.

Feeding dry cat food, especially those products that contain all those vegetables and fruits, would be tantamount to dealing with a lifelong vegetarian and changing their diet to only-meat diet. The havoc caused to their digestive system would be extreme and this is what feeding your cat with dry cat food would do to the cat’s digestive system.

You should not pass the buck by saying it is the fault of the cat food producers who are the ones that are perpetrating a false notion. It is far better to own up responsibility for your cat’s well-being and so you must do your best to ensure that you stop feeding her with dry cat food and instead try feeding her homemade cat foods.

Cats will definitely benefit from being fed a diet that contains plenty of raw foods, preferably meats. On the other hand, feeding them with canned cat foods can do your cat a lot of harm because such foods have a lot of moisture in them, which though it has certain benefits is a poor substitute for natural cat foods.

You need to seriously consider how best you can break the stranglehold of the cat food manufacturers and instead learn to control the cat’s diet in a manner that suits her digestive system and which also helps to improve her health.