Breeding Cats Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

There is much more to breeding cats than just getting a male and a female cat, putting them in a cage and letting them go at it. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes know how, it takes connections, it takes having certain breeds and blood lines and it takes money. That’s why true cat breeders are very much in demand, because people who only buy domestic cat breeds, for example, or even exotic cat breeds, would rather only go to a certified breeder. The alternative is going to a pet store or answering an ad in the local newspaper, which really entails getting a cat you know nothing about. When you get cats from these alternative means, you could get cats that have diseases, or birth defects or cats that don’t last very long. Therefore, if you want a cat that’s going to live a long, healthy life, and you want a pure breed with all the papers and certifications, then you’re going to want to go with someone who really knows about breeding cats. But what if you want to become a cat breeder? What does it entail? You can do well to talk with a cat breeder so that you can have all the qualifications it takes to participate in this very rewarding profession.

Is Breeding Cats a Job?

Breeding cats is a real job. Just like you have to go to college to get a real job in this society, you almost have to go to a breeding cat college. You must learn all there is to know about breeding cats. You must know how to make the cats mate, what to do when things go wrong, you must know all about the various vaccinations and cat illnesses, the diseases, the signs of those diseases, you must make connections with local veterinarians, the local certification board and even connections with other breeders. You must know where to get the cats that you’re going to breed. You must know all about the various breeds and the characteristics of those breeds. Then, when you put all of this together and you begin successfully breeding cats, you can make a lot of money. In fact, successful cat breeders are so successful that they often become very wealthy; especially when they get into breeding the really exotic breeds that can demand large fees.


It cannot be stressed enough that in order to successfully breed cats, you must get in good with local veterinarians. That way, you can have your cats vaccinated and you can also take your cats to that vet whenever they get ill or they begin to show signs of disease or illness. There are many vets but only a few will work with local breeders. The vet must respect the breeder and the way that breeder conducts their business. When you get in good with a local vet, however, your business will have a support system in case anything goes wrong. If you don’t have that support system, one cat getting sick could get all the rest of your cats sick and that could bring your entire operation to a halt.

That’s why breeding cats is not for the faint of heart and only those with the knowledge and determination to make it work will truly succeed.