Breeding Cats Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

There is much more to breeding cats than just getting a male and a female cat, putting them in a cage and letting them go at it. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes know how, it takes connections, it takes having certain breeds and blood lines and it takes money. That’s why true cat breeders are very much in demand, because people who only buy domestic cat breeds, for example, or even exotic cat breeds, would rather only go to a certified breeder. The alternative is going to a pet store or answering an ad in the local newspaper, which really entails getting a cat you know nothing about. When you get cats from these alternative means, you could get cats that have diseases, or birth defects or cats that don’t last very long. Therefore, if you want a cat that’s going to live a long, healthy life, and you want a pure breed with all the papers and certifications, then you’re going to want to go with someone who really knows about breeding cats. But what if you want to become a cat breeder? What does it entail? You can do well to talk with a cat breeder so that you can have all the qualifications it takes to participate in this very rewarding profession.

Is Breeding Cats a Job?

Breeding cats is a real job. Just like you have to go to college to get a real job in this society, you almost have to go to a breeding cat college. You must learn all there is to know about breeding cats. You must know how to make the cats mate, what to do when things go wrong, you must know all about the various vaccinations and cat illnesses, the diseases, the signs of those diseases, you must make connections with local veterinarians, the local certification board and even connections with other breeders. You must know where to get the cats that you’re going to breed. You must know all about the various breeds and the characteristics of those breeds. Then, when you put all of this together and you begin successfully breeding cats, you can make a lot of money. In fact, successful cat breeders are so successful that they often become very wealthy; especially when they get into breeding the really exotic breeds that can demand large fees.


It cannot be stressed enough that in order to successfully breed cats, you must get in good with local veterinarians. That way, you can have your cats vaccinated and you can also take your cats to that vet whenever they get ill or they begin to show signs of disease or illness. There are many vets but only a few will work with local breeders. The vet must respect the breeder and the way that breeder conducts their business. When you get in good with a local vet, however, your business will have a support system in case anything goes wrong. If you don’t have that support system, one cat getting sick could get all the rest of your cats sick and that could bring your entire operation to a halt.

That’s why breeding cats is not for the faint of heart and only those with the knowledge and determination to make it work will truly succeed.

Which Cat Breed Should You Get?

Some people choose their cats merely by the one that catches their eye at the local pet store. Some choose their cats by chance when they answer an ad for free kittens in the local newspaper. Others, however, are a little more choosy. They’re more scientific about how they choose their cat breed. They want a breed that truly fits their personality. Maybe their allergic to some breeds and thus want to choose a breed that will be a little more friendly to their system. And some just want a breed that they think looks beautiful. If you’re the type that’s a little more choosy than just leaving it to chance or by what catches your eye, you may want to look up a person who is an expert at breeding cats to find out which breeds are right for you.

Cat Breeds And Allergies

The main reason why some people don’t choose a certain breed is due to allergies. There are some cats that are perfect with those with allergies. It’s a myth that hairless cats are great for those with allergies because it’s not really the fur that exacerbates the allergic reactions but the actual dander, the dead, sloughed off skin of the cat breed. There are some breeds, however, that are good with those with allergies. You should ask a breeder who is into breeding various cat breeds which ones are great for your allergies. Some breeds work for some with allergies but not for others. Therefore, it may be worth it to actually hold a few cat breeds in your hands to make sure you don’t have a reaction before you actually buy and get attached to the cat you choose.

Beauty Of Cat Breeds

The other reason people choose some cat breeds is because of the look of the cat. They want a cat that looks beautiful and thus they want a cat breed that they will want to show off. You may not be showing the cat in pageants or shows, but you just want a cat that looks physically appealing. Long hair cats, and other exotic breeds are perfect for those who want a cat that they find beautiful. When you have a cat that’s very coveted by many would be cat owners, you can always expect to spend a little more than usual. However, when you go with a breeder and you spend the little extra money, you’ll more than likely get the papers and the bloodline to go along with it. It’s worth it when you know where the cat came from, what breed it is, who the mother and father were as well as knowing that the cat is certified.

There are many cat breeds to choose from. It’s likely you’ll find the perfect breed once you look up several breeders in your area and ask plenty of questions regarding the perfect cat for you.

Organic Cat Food Ensures That Your Cat Is Fed With The Most Nutritious Content

Feeding your cat with the most nutritious foods is certainly a very desirable thing. Your feline friends will love the taste of organic cat food and they will also benefit from such foods because they will remain healthy and in addition, they will also feel more energetic. Certified organic cat foods are those products that have been specially formulated to provide best nutrition and which at the same time are produced in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

Melamine Contamination In Organic Cat Food

Recently there was a huge scare in regard to pet food that had been contaminated with the dangerous melamine chemical that affected numerous pet foods throughout the US. This obviously led pet owners, including cat owners, to seek better and safer alternative cat foods. Certified organic cat foods stood out as they were devoid of potentially harmful chemicals and other artificial substances.

Just as the case with human organic foods, organic cat food too is free from chemicals and pesticides as well as herbicides and even the animal content in organic cat food is obtained from animals that have been raised in an organic manner and who have been fed with just organic grains, thereby ensuring that no artificial substances can enter into the organic cat food that is being sold on the market today.

Another important benefit to feeding your cat with organic cat food is the fact that such foods do not contain any animal by-products, especially not what is often referred to as “crude protein” which is those parts that humans do not eat of which feathers and feet as well as intestines are good examples.

There are many benefits to be had in feeding your cat with organic cat food including the fact that these foods contain organic vegetables and meats that in turn ensures that the environment and planet are not harmed. In addition, organic cat food means that pesticides and herbicides as well as artificial colors are not used. It also means that corn and wheat are excluded which means that the food is effective in preventing cat allergies.

Finally, organic cat foods are also rich with antioxidants as well as Omega 3 fatty acids that help ensure that the cat’s immune system stays strong and active and in addition it also ensures that the cat’s fur shines and remains healthy.

Besides worrying about the kind of cat food that your cat should be fed it is just as important that you learn how to choose a cat breed that will suit your home and lifestyle. In fact, this is an aspect that is especially important; perhaps, it can even be the most momentous decision that you will make in regard to keeping a cat.

Some Good Reasons To Feed Your Cat With Canned Cat Food

Dry cat food is often preferred by cat owners though canned cat food is also a necessity as it helps ensure that your cat develops stronger muscles and bones and in addition this kind of cat food also helps in mitigating certain conditions that could occur because of consumption of dry cat food. No doubt, the major attraction to using dry cat food is its convenience of use and the fact that it does not get bad too easily; however, opting for canned cat food is also a good idea.

Canned Cat Food Lacks In Nutritious Value

The fact of the matter is that dry cat food often lacks in nutritious value which is not the case when you feed your cat with canned cat food. Most commercially produced dry cat foods are full of carbohydrate fillers and in addition other ingredients are mixed which makes buyers think that they are feeding their cats with the most nutritious feed when such is not in fact the case.

On the other hand, when you choose to feed your cat with canned cat food there are many options to choose from. Each and every one of these different canned cat foods will provide your cat with basic diet that can then be supplemented with dry cat food to ensure that the cat gets to eat the most nutritious and tasty foods.

Among other canned cat foods, choosing the one known as the Dick Van Patten Natural Balance is certainly going to help you keep your cat well fed and healthy. Another option is the Evanger’s Organic Braised Chicken Canned Cat Food that is brought to you by Evanger’s Cat Food that has more than seven decades of experience in creating outstanding quality canned cat foods. This canned cat food product is of excellent quality as it does not contain any additives, artificial colors, preservatives or salt and there are also no by-products included in the ingredients.

Nature’s Logic Canned Cat Food is another good choice because it does not contain ingredients such as soy, rice, corn, wheat and nor does it contain any vitamins that have been chemically synthesized. Organic cat foods are also a good feeding option that provides a welcome change from many of the hassles of feeding your cat with foods that contain artificial substances such as preservatives and additives and artificial colors. You can however also think about feeding your cat with Drs. Foster and Smith Canned Cat Food that is especially well loved by cats because of the food’s excellent chicken formula and its aroma and consistency are also hard to beat.

Do You Feed Dry Cat Food To Your Cat On Purpose Or Because Of Ignorance?

There could be many reasons why pet owners feed their cats with dry cat food. Some might do it on purpose while others might do it out of ignorance. Not knowing whether or not dry cat food is good for your cat’s health is a dangerous thing because feeding dry cat food could actually lead you to contribute to your cat’s health problems rather than ensuring that she remains fit and fine.

Dry Cat Food – Different Physiology

Cats have a physiology that is quite different than that of humans and so it would be wrong to feed your cat with dry cat food based on the fact that you belief (mistakenly, of course) that your cat will relish foods that humans relish. In fact, cats have a greater need to be fed with raw meats and their digestive system is not in fact good at digesting fruits and vegetables as is the case with human digestive system.

Given the fact that dry cat food contains considerable amount of fruits and vegetables as well as processed carbohydrates and the dry cat food labels expound on the benefits of these ingredients you could be feeding your cat with ingredients that can make your cat develop illnesses such as irritable bowel disease and even diabetes.

Most supermarkets that stock dry cat food will have products that show on their labels that the product contains plenty of fruits, and vegetables and this will give you the wrong impression that these ingredients are good for your cat. In fact, this is both wrong as well as dangerous and the sooner you become aware of this the better it is for you and for your cat.

Feeding dry cat food, especially those products that contain all those vegetables and fruits, would be tantamount to dealing with a lifelong vegetarian and changing their diet to only-meat diet. The havoc caused to their digestive system would be extreme and this is what feeding your cat with dry cat food would do to the cat’s digestive system.

You should not pass the buck by saying it is the fault of the cat food producers who are the ones that are perpetrating a false notion. It is far better to own up responsibility for your cat’s well-being and so you must do your best to ensure that you stop feeding her with dry cat food and instead try feeding her homemade cat foods.

Cats will definitely benefit from being fed a diet that contains plenty of raw foods, preferably meats. On the other hand, feeding them with canned cat foods can do your cat a lot of harm because such foods have a lot of moisture in them, which though it has certain benefits is a poor substitute for natural cat foods.

You need to seriously consider how best you can break the stranglehold of the cat food manufacturers and instead learn to control the cat’s diet in a manner that suits her digestive system and which also helps to improve her health.

Why Homemade Cat Food Scores Over Commercial Cat Foods

Before rushing off to buy commercially processed cat food it is actually worth your while to pause for a moment to think about the many benefits that feeding your cat with homemade cat food provides. No doubt, there is greater convenience when feeding commercially produced cat food because it only involves opening a can or a bag of food after which you just put the food into a dish which the cat can then feed on.

Homemade Cat Food

Many people are also convinced of the fact that there are also many advantages to opting for homemade cat food, and among these people are many that have been feeding their cats from the time before commercially produced cat foods became so popular and readily available. As a matter of fact before the advent of commercial cat foods, pet owners actually had little option but to feed their cats with homemade cat food.

Feeding homemade cat food has many benefits not least of which that it apparently ensures that your cat will live longer as well as be happier. If you consider the number of recalls that have taken place in the recent past it will certainly make you think that there is not much wrong with homemade cat food and quite a bit wrong with commercially produced cat foods.

It would also not be wrong to assume that by feeding your cat with homemade cat food you will be able to ensure, at the very least, that what goes into the stomach of your cat will not have any artificial ingredients or preservatives or coloring agents. What’s more, commercial cat foods are produced at high temperatures which of course can then lead to loss of vitamins and animal fat may also be added to these foods to make them tastier. This would be like feeding your cat with junk food, and given the fact that cats become overweight and obese very easily, commercial foods will pose a real health threat as well.

By including uncooked meats in your homemade cat food dishes you can ensure that the cat gets a good supply of nutrients and they will therefore be more likely to remain fit and in good physical and mental health.

Many cat owners are in fact becoming very concerned about the dangers of feeding their cat with dry cat food. The simple fact of the matter is that unlike humans that are omnivores, cats happen to be obligate carnivores and they need to be fed with raw meats instead of being fed with excess of fruits and vegetables that are ideally suited for human consumption but not so good when fed to cats. Actually, if you try alternating feeding cats with homemade cat food and commercial cat foods, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the cats prefer the former kind of foods and not the commercially produced offerings.

Natural Cat Foods Can Safely Be Considered As Best Cat Food

Most pet owners consider natural cat foods to be the best cat food. They know that canned foods are not as healthy as these natural foods and furthermore, even though you can learn about the ingredients being used in commercially produced cat foods through study of the cat food’s labels, there are still many facts that are hidden from buyers that can make them choose the wrong products.

Inaccurate Percentages

The fact of the matter is that the labels show the analysis reports of the percentage of ingredients being used such as protein, fibers and fats. The sad part is that these percentages can mislead you since they do not show the exact amount of an ingredient and that of course would mean that when you feed your cat it won’t actually get what you think it will be getting. This is certainly a good reason why you should not consider commercially produced canned cat foods as being the best cat food.

Best Cat Food

Even when you read the ingredient list of a canned cat food product you will still not be able to know the animal from which the ingredients have been derived. All the label shows you is the ingredient and its quantities; not, the animal from which the ingredient has been derived from. This means that the ingredients being used could even be those that were rejected by producers of human foods and so you cannot say for sure that these commercially produced cat foods will in fact make for the best cat food.

Most cat owners know about these drawbacks to using commercially produced cat foods and they therefore avoid such foods. For them, using natural ingredients is a safer as well as better choice and so they will generally only consider natural cat foods as being the best cat food. Such natural foods ensure that the cat is given a more balanced diet that of course must include poultry, fish, meat, grains derived from cereals and the food should also contain vegetable proteins.

If you pick cat foods that do not contain these above-mentioned ingredients, you can be sure that you are not feeding your cat with the best cat food. Even cooking homemade cat food can in the end prove to be a better option than feeding your cat with commercially prepared cat foods. However, you must also ensure that what you cook at home contains all the required ingredients that will help keep your cat satisfied and in good health.

A Few Good Cat Breeds

Deciding to keep a cat as your pet is certainly a good idea though before proceeding further there are a few issues that need to be looked at closely and which need to be addressed properly. The first thing that should take up your time and attention is deciding on a cat breed. As you may or may not realize there are many breeds to choose from and arriving at a decision is often a lot harder than you may have expected.

Do Your cat Research

To make things easier it is a good idea to first of all do some research regarding different breeds so that you know the characteristics of each breed and can then decide on which characteristics will make your pet a more desirable one. Among other things you will need to decide on shape and size as well as demeanor.

The Abyssinian cat is a very popular breed and is fondly called the Aby. This is a cat breed that is playful and it is also very energetic and its personality traits too are very endearing. The best thing about the Aby is her loyalty and it is also a very attentive creature that will prove to be a great addition to your home.

Another option is the Balinese cat that was once known as the Longhaired Siamese with which she has many features in common with the sole exception that the Balinese has more plumed tail. However, just like the Aby, the Balinese too is a very attentive creature and it also enjoys being pampered by her owner with whom she will also develop a strong bond.

Cats like the Aby and Balinese are very energetic which means that whenever you think about having them as pets it is also necessary that you provide them with playthings and toys to ensure that they always have something to amuse them with and to also burn up their energy.

The Manx is another cat breed that deserves to be considered for a pet. Though she looks much the same as other cats, the Manx is different in that she does not possess a tail.

Regardless of the type of cat breed that you choose, one important aspect to keeping them is cat food. In this regard, it might be a good idea to take a more holistic view because this will allow you to choose foods that contain natural ingredients and in the correct proportions and that in turn means that your cat will then get the correct dose of vitamins and nutrients which are so important to their health and well-being.

Know The Different Types Of Cat Food Before Selecting One For Your Cat

Feeding your pet cat with commercially produced cat foods is recommended though you need to also take into account the fact that such foods come in different varieties. You can buy these foods in canned form, as dry food as well as in semi-moist form, and you can even use them in combination of dried and canned foods. The best way to learn which type your cat loves the most is to feed them with a little bit of each in order to see which one she is partial to.

More Costly Cat Food

Canned cat foods are more costly than the semi-moist and dried foods though vets will still recommend that you choose this kind on account of the fact that this food contains between fifty and seventy-eight percent of water which means that when it is fed to the cat there is no need to supplement it with dry foods. However, before purchasing canned cat foods makes sure to avoid those foods that are too loaded with preservatives and to also avoid products that contain meat or animal by-products as main ingredients.

In the case of dry cat food you need to first of all ensure that the food contains meat as its primary ingredient and that meat by-products are not the main ingredient. You need to also ensure that before buying this kind of cat food that the label shows that its expiration date is still quite far away. Lastly, you need to also ensure storing the dry cat food in airtight plastic containers and to also feed this food within a month of its purchase.

Dry Cat Food Advantages

A big advantage to feeding your cat with dry food is that there is nothing to stop you from leaving this food out for the entire day since this kind of cat food does not get spoilt when left out in the open. The only trouble is when you feed it to senior cats; they will have a hard time chewing it – mainly on account of having missing teeth or because their teeth have become very sensitive.

Most vets do not recommend that you feed your cat with semi-moist cat food as its main food because such foods contain excessive amounts of preservatives and there are also too much of chemicals, and artificial flavoring as well as sugar and coloring – all of which are not good for your cat’s health.

When it concerns identifying the best cat food, you should first of all consider using only natural cat foods as these provide your cat with more nutritional value and are also devoid of any artificial substances that can harm the health of your cat. Lastly, before you choose a particular cat food makes sure to test the food for allergic reactions to chemicals or other ingredients contained in the cat food.