Finding The Best Natural Cat Litter For Your Cat


In America, more and more cats are discovering life is much better indoors. American cats are killed by the thousands through traffic, attacks from other animals and from cruel people selling them to medical labs for research. Faced with these dangers, cats have quickly adjusted to living indoors, but their liter hasn’t. Indoor cats need to find the best natural cat litter they can to avoid health issues.
Many Choices, Few Boxes
Cats aren’t too fussy about what materials go into their litter box. They could use loose earth or sand as they have when they lived in the wild. However, you don’t know what poisons and bacteria are in your outdoor dirt. And, the dirt or sand will not be able to absorb odors. This is why a natural pine litter or corncob litter is best to use.
Some cats do take a violent dislike to certain kinds of litters. This is because cats are individuals. You might have certain brands of toilet paper you prefer to use that your friend might detest. It’s the same sort of thing. Prepare to do some trial and error work when looking for the best natural cat litter.
Things To Consider
Some of the best natural cat litters are actually really bad for some kinds of cats. If your cat has a breathing problem of any kind or has to spend her day confined to the same room the litter tray is, then it’s important to find litter that’s not very dusty. Some natural cat litter is nearly as dusty as conventional litter. For the least dust, corncob is the best natural cat litter.
You need to see if your cat’s health changes at all when using some of the best natural cat litters found today. Some cats are allergic to the oils in certain woods like cedar or pine. And then there are cats who aren’t bothered by these oils at all.
Another thing to consider is cost. The best natural cat litter will cost more, but you won’t need to use it as often as conventional litter. But, if you really can’t afford it, then there’s no point making yourself so poor that both you and your cat wind up on the street. Although you may pay more for the best natural cat litter up front, over time you will find that you won’t have to buy so much litter as you were before.