Why Buy Clumping Cat Litter That Is Dust Free?

If you want to buy clumping cat litter, there are many choices. There are various types of scented formulas, which can mask the odor from the litter box. For those cats who don’t like the scents, there are unscented types, which would have a more “natural” odor. There are litters that are low tracking – meaning the particles are bigger and less likely to cling to the feet of your kitty as it leaves the litter box – so less litter ends up in other parts of your house. You can vacuum less often if your litter is low tracking. Clumping cat litters also come dust free.
Why Look For Dust Free Clumping Cat Litter?
When your cat uses her litter box, she will dig to be able to bury her waste. The digging process will stir up the contents of her litter box, and often release dust into the air. Kitties breathing in the dust is not a good idea! Having the dust from the litter box settle on other surfaces nearby is also not a pleasant feature of cat litter; and buying a dust free formulated clumping cat litter can eliminate the litter dust.
Which Litters Are More Dusty?
When you review the clumping cat litters, both dust free and traditional, you will find that the finer the grains of litter, the more likely there is to be dust, understandably. Fortunately, generally all types of litter that have been around for a while – whether clay based or clumping – come in both a traditional version and a “new and improved” dust free version. There are a couple of exceptions to this, however. One exception to this is the natural litter made from whole-kernel corn. It tends to be a dusty litter. Other kinds of biodegradable litter are made from pine or newspapers. The benefits of a biodegradable litter are that some people claim it does a terrific job of minimizing odor, and many people appreciate that it is easier to dispose of. Biodegradable can be put into the garden as compost or mulch or even flushed down the toilet! Many people also believe it to be safer for the animals, rather than using a clay that expands (as the scoopable clay litters do – up to 15-18 times original size!).
On the other end of the spectrum are the litters made from crystals, usually a quartz silica. These are usually good at absorbing fluids and neutralizing odors, but many cats do not like the feel of the crystals on their paws. For these cats, it is better to get a non-crystal clumping cat litter, preferably dust free.