Five Considerations For Cat Litter – How Does Non Clumping Cat Litter Fare?

There are many kinds of cat litter available in stores today. There are clumping and non clumping cat litter, some are crystal or silica based, and others are biodegradeable. There are many options of pet owners. How can a pet owner choose? What are the things to consider?
Absorbency – A Big Consideration
Why would you want cat litter that wasn’t absorbent? You wouldn’t, of course. But how well does non clumping cat litter do at absorbing urine? Non clumping cat litter is usually made from clay, which is very absorbent. While there are other cat litter products that are even more absorbent, clay based, non scoopable cat litter generally does absorb sufficiently.
Odor Control – Does It Or Doesn’t It?
When it comes to odor, the amount a non clumping cat litter masks odor is variable. Some types are scented, some are unscented, but there is no general statement that can be made to cover the non clumping cat litter. It depends on the type.
Is There Dust Control?
That depends. Non clumping cat litter – especially premium kinds can be bought with formulas designed to minimize dust, but not all do. Check the package for each brands claims in regards to dust control. You want a brand that controls the dust so that your cat isn’t breathing in the dust that is stirred up by his paws digging and burying his waste.
Keeping The Litter In The Box
An important thing to consider is whether or not the litter tends to come out on the kitty’s paws, where he will track the litter around the house accidentally. Though you love your kitty, and you’re grateful he’s using his litter box, you don’t want bits of kitty litter throughout your house or apartment. Some types of litter track worse than others. Read the package – but usually, the smaller the pieces, the greater the chance of tracking it around on the paws.
Can You Scoop? Cleaning Info
Does non clumping cat litter scoop? Nope, not the urine. You can scoop the feces, but with non clumping cat litter the urine will just soak into the bits of litter and await a dumping. Because you can scoop the urine chunks, the litter box will need to be emptied, washed, and freshened more often – about once a week. By contrast, the scoopable kinds only need a thorough change about every month or so. But you would need to scoop out the chunks of urine and feces daily to keep the box smelling nice.

Choosing Between Non Clumping And Clumping Cat Litter – What’s Best?

Cat litter is just cat litter, and any kind will do. Just buy the cheapest stuff – it doesn’t matter what kind you get – right? Well, not exactly. Let’s take a look at the kinds: non clumping cat litter and clumping cat litter – which is best?
Basic Principles – Cat Litter 101
Whichever cat litter you choose, it will work along the same principles: the cat’s urine is absorbed by the litter, and the feces is covered. The idea is to reduce the odor from bacteria, and so some people prefer using a litter with a scent included. Most cats don’t really care if there’s a scent or not, so you can generally follow your own preference in regards to smell.
Two Categories – Non Clumping And Clumping Cat Litter – Choosing The Best ഀ ഀIf you use a clumping cat litter, the best thing is that the urine clumps the litter together, making it very easy to scoop out the affected portion of the kitty litter (solid and clumps). The whole box of litter doesn’t need to be dumped out each day – and not even every week! It is sufficient to empty the whole box and disinfect it before refilling approximately every 4-6 weeks. This is to eliminate bacteria. Other than that, each day when you scoop out clumps and solids, replace the amount of clumped litter again in the box.
Non clumping cat litter is best if you want a litter that is made from natural clay. It is dried into granules, and comes as just unscented or with various types of scents to keep it fresher. It can also have baking soda added in to help it stay fresh longer. You can still scoop the solid parts every day or as needed, but the cat’s urine will accumulate at the bottom of the litter box. Hence, the whole box of litter will need to be emptied once a week. Also, clean the box, disinfect it, and then refill it with new litter. Sometimes it will need to be replaced more often than once a week – depending on your cat or cats, but generally once a week is sufficient.
Which Is Best For You And Your Cat?
To decide which is the best, clumping cat litter or non clumping cat letter, it is best to determine how you feel about dumping versus scooping. To me, the clumping makes the most sense, but you get to choose for yourself and your cat.