Benefits of Using a Sifting Cat Litter Pan

In today’s world, having any time much less enough time to do all the things necessary throughout the day can be a juggling act. We have plenty to do as we struggle with the demands work and commitments to family and friends. Add the responsibility of our pets needs to an already full schedule and any step offered that can help us manage our day is a welcome relief.
For those who are cat caregivers, it is well-know that cats are independent animals and under most circumstances don’t require our undivided attention. They can be aloof and need attention from us on their terms except when it comes to food and providing a clean litter pan. Unlike a dog that can be walked outside to take care of their bodily needs, a cat requires their caregiver to supply a proper receptacle for their waste.
An overly soiled pan can become a huge cat litter pan problem if not addressed and one way to help alleviate the stress of keeping your cats litter pan clean is by using a sifting cat litter pan. By using a sifting cat litter pan not only are you able to keep the sifting cat litter pan clean but it’s also much more efficient than a scooper.
A sifting cat litter pan comes with the actual litter pan plus another piece that is used to sift the solid waste from the sifting cat litter pan. The sifting portion of the pan is placed inside the litter pan and is easily removed when it’s time to clean the pan. These pans are very helpful to cat owners who want the additional benefit of being able to remove the solid waste from the pan by using the sifting mechanism versus using a scooper. The cat litter pan liner is placed on the litter pan base followed by the sifter or sifters, if the model you’re using has multiple sifters, and then filled with litter.
When the sifter is removed from the litter pan, the solid waste and clumps, if using clumping type litter, will remain in the sifter and the loose and unused litter sifts back into the litter pan and can be reused by the cat. There is less waste of still useable litter when utilizing a sifting cat litter pan.
The sifter can then be emptied and cleaned with bleach or cleanser to clean it of any debris. Depending on the number of sifters that came with the pan, there can be a second sifter already in place inside the litter pan. Once the second sifter becomes full, it would be emptied and cleaned and the actual litter pan liner would be removed, tied securely with a twist tie and thrown away. A new liner would be placed inside the sifting cat litter pan followed by the sifter or sifters then filled with fresh litter.