Importance of Cleaning Cat Litter Pan

Having feline’s in your home means having the cleaning cat litter pan chore. The importance of cleaning cat litter pan properly and in a timely manner is top priority. Not only is a soiled litter pan unsightly, it is also very smelly and your cat will refuse to use it. To promote good hygiene and health to your feline friends, make a cleaning cat litter pan schedule for at least once a week, or more, if you have multiple cats using the same litter pan.
Cleaning Cat Litter Pan Suggestions
Depending on the number of cat’s that reside in your home and whether or not they are experiencing any health issues will determine how often their pan needs to be cleaned versus just freshen. Cats that are experiencing urinary or bowel issues may require a more vigorous cleaning cat litter pan schedule. Kittens that are being litter trained may use the litter more frequently and also may require staying on top of their cleaning cat litter pan schedule.
A freshen pan is one that has only been used a little and by removing any solid waste and clumps, if using a clumping litter and then adding a layer of new litter, the pan is odor free and useable for another day. A cleaning cat litter pan problem can exist if your cat rejects their litter pan because it is either too full of waste and they can’t get to any fresh litter to dig or the pan smells bad, in which case, they will not use it.
The actual cleaning cat litter pan process is when the pan has been freshened but is now in need of being cleaned of any soiled areas within the pan and around the rim, sides and even the cover entrance if you’re using a litter pan with a lid. Even if you use litter pan liners, there can be accidental punctures of the liner itself allowing waste to filter through to the actual litter pan base.
Cleaning cat litter pan bases periodically with bleach or cleanser, allowing to dry and then spraying with any deodorizing and sanitizing spray eliminates odors and germs making your cats litter pan a healthy area. Using a proper absorbent litter such as cat crystal litter will also help in making cleaning cat litter pan receptacles easier as well as being efficient and conserving the amount of litter needed.
When following your cat cleaning cat litter pan schedule, always have a backup litter pan handy so that you have another pan to take its place while the main pan is being cleaned. Also, be sure any cleansers or sprays you might use to clean the cat litter pan is not harmful to your pets.