Advantages of an Automatic Cat Litter Box

Of course we are all used to the more basic, plastic cat litter boxes, but with the invention of the automatic cat litter box, pet owners everywhere are thrilled. With a self cleaning cat litter box, you will never again have to worry about cleaning up after your cat, or with dealing with the awful smell of dirty cat litter in your home.
It is just important that you get the right automatic cat litter box, and shop at the right places to get your automatic cat litter box. Of all the different cat supplies stores around that you could choose from, there are a few in particular which will definitely be worth your time.
One of the most renowned companies offering an automatic cat litter box is LitterMaid. They already have over 4 million satisfied customers, and hundreds more people are buying their automatic litter box each and every day, always with the best things to say.
Their Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box is ideal for extra large cats or multiple cat households, and as the cat leaves the unit, what happens is sensors are triggered to set the timer for the cleaning cycle, and about ten minutes after this the cleaning cycle will begin and rake any clumps toward the waste receptacle.
The rake opens the waste receptacle and deposits the clumps before closing cover and returning to home position. The model comes complete with 12 disposable waste receptacles, 4 odor-absorbing carbon filters, and as well a BONUS paw cleaning ramp.
Scoop Free
Another company that you can go through for an automatic cat litter box is Scoop Free. With their new no-touch litter box, you can leave it alone for up to a month, and it comes with disposable trays that are pre-filled with FreshStep Crystals.
The crystal litter works by locking away odors so your home will never smell bad from the cat litter box, and there is no need for you to ever scoop, clean or refill the litter. This is major because it means that you will be able to save yourself a great time of time, money, effort, and more than anything you will be able to enjoy a better relationship with your furry friend knowing that you do not have to clean up after them.
These are just a few of the many different examples of automatic cat litter boxes out there that you can choose from.