Learn From The Experts How To Deal With Cat Feline Health Issues

Cats make wonderful companions which is why they are so favored by animal lovers. Your love for your feline friend however needs to be tempered with wisdom regarding the welfare of your pet and so it is necessary that you first of all look closely at cat feline health so that you know what to feed her as well as know the right way to groom and keep her clean and in good health.

Basic Cat Care And Cat Feline Health

There are several things that cat owners will need to know and deal with. Basic cat care is one of these things that start with preparing the cat’s home and which requires buying her litter box, food as well as water bowls and brushes to keep her teeth and coat clean.

If you are not careful about cat feline health you might end up having to deal with health complications including diabetes. Other worrying aspects to cat feline health are diseases such as cat acne, cat allergies and cat asthma. Certain cats even develop problems such as blood and lymph disorders and another cat feline health issue that often causes a lot of concern is the one known as fading kitten syndrome.

Cat feline health issues also include diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, and constipation, while other issues include inappropriate defecation, while cancer is certainly a more serious cat feline health issue.

Cat Feline Health Issues

To ensure that cat feline health issues do not turn too serious it is recommended that you periodically take her to the vet in order to get a monthly checkup done. However, in case you have brought home a kitten the first thing that you will need to address is knows the right age at which to take the kitten to the vet for her first medical check-up.

You also need to take other steps to ensure proper cat feline health and these include socializing your kitten (or cat) and also making provisions for weaning time which should ideally begin when the kitten is between nine and ten weeks old.

Sometimes cats begin sneezing or may otherwise show signs of ill-health. At these times it is necessary to get her vaccinated (though only after she is healthy enough to be vaccinated). Also, providing the vet with a fecal sample can help the vet deal with the cat feline health issue in a more effective manner.

If you need more information regarding cat feline health there are numerous online resources available and many experts are out there that are only too willing to provide some very useful tips at their websites. A simple Google search should throw up many hits regarding such websites.

Foods, Grooming And Tooth Care Help Maintain Senior Cat Health

After you have brought home a pet cat she will soon become an important member of your family and though we usually consider humans that have attained the age of sixty as being seniors, in the case of a cat when she is ten years old or more she will qualify for being given senior cat health care. However, a cat requires proper care right through her entire life and so needs to be fed, and groomed as well as medicated during each stage in her life to ensure that she lives happily as well as healthily.

Senior Cat Health And Weakened Digestive Tracts

The most important feature to senior cat health is ensuring that she is fed with the right foods, especially those foods that are being sold in pet stores because these foods are especially formulated to ensure a healthier cat. These foods in fact are easily digestible, which is very important for the well-being of senior cats whose digestive tracts will have weakened as they age.

Another aspect to providing proper senior cat health care is maintaining her teeth which must be brushed regularly and which might also warrant having a vet taking a closer look at in order to identify potential teeth problems. As cats grow old their coats too start to become dull and a major reason for such dullness is that they are not being fed properly nutritious foods. It is therefore necessary that to ensure proper senior cat health care that you feed your senior cat with diets that contain a lot of fatty acids, and in addition it is also necessary that you also give them foods that contain ingredients that will give a boost to their immune systems.

How To Ensure Better Senior Cat Health

To ensure better senior cat health it is also necessary to take care of their grooming needs. When cats age they tend to stop caring for their coats and this leads to dirty, matted as well as foul smelling coats that in turn puts the cat at risk of becoming sick. Proper grooming is therefore essential to maintaining senior cat health.

Lastly, to prevent serious health complications, and to protect the senior cat’s health it is necessary to take your senior cat to the vet who will check her for potential and existing illnesses and health complications.

Maintaining proper cat feline health will ensure that your pet cat remains healthy and happy so that she remains strong enough to provide companionship to gladden your heart and to also make her a valued family member.

Even in the case of dealing with senior cat health there are many things that you will need to understood including helping the cat remain active even when she has become rather old. A sign that there is nothing to worry on account of senior cat health is when your senior cat looks bright eyed and is bushy-tailed. Proper cat care, especially in the case of senior cats, is a way of showing that you value your feline companion and she in turn will respond by bonding closely with you.

Pay Special Attention To Cat Eye Health

As a responsible cat owner it is necessary that you pay special attention to cat eye health because this is one body part that can, if it is allowed to become affected by diseases, cause your cat a lot of discomfort and distress. In fact, cat eye health is probably the single most important cat health issue that needs to be addressed very carefully.

Horror Movies

Many people think, because they have been seeing the portrayal of cat’s eyes in horror movies, that when a cat looks at you, something bad and nasty is going to happen to you. However, this is a real misrepresentation about the cat’s gaze because in fact, cats express their emotions, including love, through their gaze.

The Importance Of Cat Eye Health

Furthermore, the importance of cat eye health can be best understood if one recognizes that cat’s do not possess a third eye and in fact their sight that is quite sharp is vital to their survival. Care should be taken, in regard to ensuring proper cat eye health, that the cat’s inner eyelids do not become damaged because these eyelids prevent the cat from being harmed and they also ensure that the cat’s eyes do not dry up. Sick cats generally develop closed membranes which in turn should galvanize you into showing your cat to the vet to get the condition treated without any delays.

Another method that can be used to identify whether your cat eye health has been compromised is to look at her pupils. In case one of the pupils changes their size it is often an indication that your cat is down with an infection and in addition it can also point to neurological disorders known as Homer’s Syndrome. It can also indicate an injury or tumor in her central nervous system.

Some common cat eye health issues to be wary about are conjunctivitis, glaucoma as well as cataract. Whenever you notice symptoms that point to your cat eye health being compromised you need to address the issue without delay; otherwise, your cat might lose her vision which would then further impair her health as well as quality of life.

Senior cat health is a subject that should get your attention once your cat has been with you for about ten years. In other words, cats that have attained the age of ten will be considered as being senior cats, and at this stage in their lives they are likely to develop certain problems including becoming inactive and for which you need to take special countermeasures to ensure her well being in her later years.

Cat Health Problem: Know How Your Cat ‘S Health Can Be Affected

In regard to common cat health problems there are a whole range of ailments to be aware about that can, if allowed to develop, cause a cat owner a lot of concern. Diseases such as upper respiratory infections, rabies as well as feline panleukopenia and even parasitic infestation are serious enough to keep cat owners on their toes. It is therefore a good idea for every cat owner to keep abreast of latest information regarding cat health problems so that they are forearmed and ready to take good care of any ailments that might develop and affect their cat’s health.

Know The Cat Health Problem Symptoms

It is always a good idea to know about common cat health problems including their symptoms as well as any measures that can be taken in order to prevent the disease from affecting the health of your cat. It is necessary to understand the different reasons that can lead to onset of an ailment that will spoil your cat’s health. From kitty colds to fatal ailments there are a number of cat health problems to be aware about.

In fact, some of the more common cat health problems include rabies, urinary tract disease as well as kidney disease and even liver disease. In addition, there are other cat health problems to learn about that include feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) as well as feline infection peritonitis or FIP.

Rabies in particular is a cat health problem to be wary about since it is an infection (viral) that can be transmitted through receiving bites from other infected animals. Upper respiratory infection is a fatal ailment for which common symptoms are runny eyes and noses as well as fever, sneezing, reddened eyes as well as loss of appetite.

Feline panleukopenia is sometimes referred to as feline distemper that involves a drop in the cat’s white blood cell numbers which in turn impairs the cat’s immune system. This makes the cat vulnerable to developing infections and common symptoms of this condition include reduced appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.

Feline immunodeficiency virus is also transmitted when your cat is bitten by an infected cat while feline infectious peritonitis is a fatal cat health problem. Feline Chlamydia is a bacterial ailment that impairs the cat’s eyes, typically in the form of conjunctivitis.

With all these different cat health problems to contend with it is pretty obvious that unless proper cat health care is affected your pet cat could easily come down with one or more of these cat health problems.

Infections such as FIV, rabies, URI as well as FIV are preventable and it only requires vaccinating your cat against these diseases to ensure their good health. In addition, ensuring that your cat remains clean, and not allowing her to share other cat’s food bowls will also help ensure your cat’s health.

A Few Good Cat Breeds

Deciding to keep a cat as your pet is certainly a good idea though before proceeding further there are a few issues that need to be looked at closely and which need to be addressed properly. The first thing that should take up your time and attention is deciding on a cat breed. As you may or may not realize there are many breeds to choose from and arriving at a decision is often a lot harder than you may have expected.

Do Your cat Research

To make things easier it is a good idea to first of all do some research regarding different breeds so that you know the characteristics of each breed and can then decide on which characteristics will make your pet a more desirable one. Among other things you will need to decide on shape and size as well as demeanor.

The Abyssinian cat is a very popular breed and is fondly called the Aby. This is a cat breed that is playful and it is also very energetic and its personality traits too are very endearing. The best thing about the Aby is her loyalty and it is also a very attentive creature that will prove to be a great addition to your home.

Another option is the Balinese cat that was once known as the Longhaired Siamese with which she has many features in common with the sole exception that the Balinese has more plumed tail. However, just like the Aby, the Balinese too is a very attentive creature and it also enjoys being pampered by her owner with whom she will also develop a strong bond.

Cats like the Aby and Balinese are very energetic which means that whenever you think about having them as pets it is also necessary that you provide them with playthings and toys to ensure that they always have something to amuse them with and to also burn up their energy.

The Manx is another cat breed that deserves to be considered for a pet. Though she looks much the same as other cats, the Manx is different in that she does not possess a tail.

Regardless of the type of cat breed that you choose, one important aspect to keeping them is cat food. In this regard, it might be a good idea to take a more holistic view because this will allow you to choose foods that contain natural ingredients and in the correct proportions and that in turn means that your cat will then get the correct dose of vitamins and nutrients which are so important to their health and well-being.