Some Guidelines about Cat Tree Designs

If you are thinking of getting a cat tree, then be prepared to have a variety of cat tree designs to choose from. Due to the increasing number of pet owners and cat lovers, there has also been an increase in the number of cat tree designs that are available. What is worse is that it seems as if all of these designs are applicable to your pet and your home. And so, just what are the things that you have to keep in mind when contemplating on these designs? Here are some of them.

Consider the number of cats that will be playing on the cat tree. There are cat tree designs that are built to accommodate a lot of cats. They have a lot of levels and there are plenty of scratch posts for every cat. There are even cat trees that have multiple cat condos.

Consider the activity level of your cat. If your cat is the active type, then you might want to consider floor to ceiling cat trees. These cat tree designs stay true to its name. It is designed to be both a playpen and a house fixture. This design allows your cat to climb as high as he wants. He will never have to look for a tree that is high enough ever again.

There are cat tree designs that are design to accommodate just one cat as well. These designs are cheaper than those that are built for those pet owners who have a lot of cats. Their heights vary so you can be sure to find the right one that will fit in your home no matter how small it may be. There are cat tree designs that are just as tall as humans and there are also those designs that are shorter. It all depends on what you and your cat like and need.

When choosing a cat tree design, consider the fact that you will have to clean it consistently. This is why make sure that the design that you will get will both be accessible to your pet and yourself.