Choosing the Right Jungle Gym Cat Tree

Cats love a good jungle gym cat tree. Aside from the fact that it gives them a structure where they can jump and play all they want, it also gives them a place where they can hang out. However if you have been an avid cat lover for a long time, then by now you must have realized that buying a jungle gym cat tree is something that you would want to put some serious thought into. Here are some of the reasons why.

Although some pet lovers prefer to have their cat´s claws removed, a lot of cat owners still think that this practice is cruel. Whether you are one of those people or you are one of those who would like to live a normal life with their cats without having to remove their claws, then you have to find a good jungle gym cat tree.

There are some jungle gym cat trees that are built with scratch posts. This is a very safe way to make sure that your cats have something else to scratch other than your prized possessions without having to leave their favorite place. This type of a jungle gym cat tree might be more expensive than other cat trees but at least you won´t have to purchase a separate scratch post.

Your jungle gym cat tree has to be durable. Cats live for a couple of years so you will need one for a very long time. This way, you will be able to save yourself from the trouble of buying one every single year or worse, month.

Cats are and will always be playful. This is why it is not really advisable to buy a jungle gym cat tree that is too fragile and well designed with intricate ornaments. They might look good with the motif of your interior design now, but they will stick out like a sore thumb once your cats have been playing in it for a couple of days. This is why if you have many cats, it is best to get just the basic jungle gym cat tree.