Cat Manuals: Do It Yourself Cat Tree

Getting a cat tree has got to be one of the most wonderful thing that you can do for your cat. The sad part is that a lot of cat trees these days are extremely expensive. This is because aside from being decked out, these cat trees are also made out of imported materials. If you don´t have the budget or the mentality to buy these impractically expensive cat trees, then consider conducting a do it yourself cat tree session. Here are the things that you should remember.

When making a do it yourself cat tree, you have to get the best materials. However, these materials don´t necessarily have to be expensive. Most cat tree manufacturers like to use pressed wood as their basic material. You don´t have to necessarily use this type of wood especially if your cat is not that heavy. If you cannot spend money on pressed wood, then you might want to consider these alternatives for your do it yourself cat tree.

For the base, strong plywood will do. You can also use plywood when building the support shelf of your cat tree. You just have to remember that it has to be thick so that it can withstand the weight of your cat. You can also consider using lumber for the posts of tour do it yourself cat tree. The diameter of these posts actually depends on the size and the complexity of the cat tree that you are planning to build. The perches of your cat tree can be made out of sono tubes.

You also don´t have to use those expensive fabrics to cover up your entire cat tree. You can just use a fabric that your cat really likes. It also has to be easy to clean so that you will be able to clean it accordingly in the future.

Before buying anything though, you have to consider the cat tree design that you are going to use. There are a lot of do it yourself cat tree plans that can be found in the internet so finding them won´t be a problem. However choosing the right cat tree plan is another story. You have to make sure that the do it yourself cat tree plan that you are going to use is doable. You don´t have to choose the most stylish cat tree plan. You just have to choose the one that you can build successfully and properly.