A Review Of Clumping Cat Litter Foes’ Arguments

Lately, there have been some people arguing that clumping cat litter is dangerous – even deadly – to our cats and kittens. If this is the claim, should we all instantly change our litter for a different type – maybe a biodegradable one as the articles suggest? What are the real facts in the situation? Let’s review the clumping cat litter information.
The Pet Owners’ Claims
Pet owners claim that there are two components of clumping cat litter that cause problems for cats. First, there is the sodium bentonite. This is the “expandable cement” that absorbs the cat urine. It can swell to 15-18 times the dry size. It makes it wonderfully absorbent for a litter box, but the pet owners worry about the litter if the cat ingests it. This is a logical concern, as cats do lick themselves to clean off after using the litter box.
Also, the dust from these litters can give the cats respiratory problems, as they can coat the cat’s lungs when they breathe it in. This component, sodium bentonite, is dangerous for humans to ingest, why should we think it would be safe on our cats and kittens?
The other ingredient some pet owners are concerned about is the quartz silica. This substance is a known carcinogen, and not considered safe for humans. It likely isn’t safe for the cats, either.
Reviewing these clumping cat litter complaints shows some seemingly valid concerns. What do the opposition say?
The Critics’ Rebuttal
The manufacturers of clumping cat litter, upon reviewing the claims of damage, state that they are very careful with their litter, and go to great lengths to keep pets safe. Also, they manufacture some brands of clumping cat litter that are clean, with much less dust. It is wise to choose one of these “dust free litters.
The Scientists Say…
While there are several anecdotal stories and claims, scientists state about clumping cat litter that after review there was “no post-mortum, no hisopathology findings, or any scientific data presented.” They fully believe these clumping kitty litters to be safe.
Take Home Message
The “take home message” is that each pet owner needs to act in harmony with their gut instincts. If the anecdotal stories scare you, or if you’ve had a similar situation involving your own pet, you will probably want to change your cat’s litter. There are plant-based materials available as kitty litter, made from corn cobs, newspaper, cedar, or pine shavings. ഀIf, on the other hand, reviewing information about clumping cat litter has settled some of your fears, perhaps you don’t need to jump ship quite yet.