Avoiding a Cat Litter Pan Problem

As we all know, just about every mechanism, gadget or machine we use to make our lives easier can have a problem and when it comes to our cats, addressing a cat litter pan problem can be avoided by providing the proper litter pan for your felines.
How to Avoid a Cat Litter Pan Problem
You might think that there can not be a cat litter pan problem with something so simple as just a pan but there can be issues not only with the design of the pan you’ve chosen but also in your cats acceptance of the pan and their individual ability to use it.
There are several types of litter pans available ranging from small standard size pans with no cover, small, medium and jumbo litter pans with covers to sifting litter pans. Each has its own benefit and can address a specific cat litter pan problem. A significant cat litter pan problem that each pan design addresses is the best option for you when it comes to cleaning a cat litter pan.
Standard Litter Pans
Standard litter pans generally run from small to medium in size with short sides making it very easy for kittens and smaller cats to access the pan. A cat litter pan problem with this type of pan is that they do not come with covers and the contents of the litter pan will be exposed and if the pan is not kept freshen this can be unsightly as well as creating unpleasant odors in the area it’s placed.
Jumbo Litter Pans
One cat litter pan problem that should be considered is whether or not the pan is too large for kittens or smaller cats to access which means they may go outside of the pan creating a cat litter pan problem or is the pan too small for your larger breed cats to move around in. Some cats like the option of circling the pan several times to find just the right spot and in this case, a jumbo litter pan would satisfy their individual cat litter pan problem.
Sifting Litter Pans
Sifting litter pans, by far, offer ease of use and eliminate the cat litter pan problem of relying on scoopers to remove solid waste from the litter pan. Scoopers can be useful for light cleaning but you are limited in the amount of waste that can be removed with each scoop, good reusable litter may be thrown away by using a scooper and scoopers tend to crack and break after extended use. Sifters allow more cleaning per sift, less waste of reusable litter and they don’t have handles to break.