Pay Special Attention To Cat Eye Health

As a responsible cat owner it is necessary that you pay special attention to cat eye health because this is one body part that can, if it is allowed to become affected by diseases, cause your cat a lot of discomfort and distress. In fact, cat eye health is probably the single most important cat health issue that needs to be addressed very carefully.

Horror Movies

Many people think, because they have been seeing the portrayal of cat’s eyes in horror movies, that when a cat looks at you, something bad and nasty is going to happen to you. However, this is a real misrepresentation about the cat’s gaze because in fact, cats express their emotions, including love, through their gaze.

The Importance Of Cat Eye Health

Furthermore, the importance of cat eye health can be best understood if one recognizes that cat’s do not possess a third eye and in fact their sight that is quite sharp is vital to their survival. Care should be taken, in regard to ensuring proper cat eye health, that the cat’s inner eyelids do not become damaged because these eyelids prevent the cat from being harmed and they also ensure that the cat’s eyes do not dry up. Sick cats generally develop closed membranes which in turn should galvanize you into showing your cat to the vet to get the condition treated without any delays.

Another method that can be used to identify whether your cat eye health has been compromised is to look at her pupils. In case one of the pupils changes their size it is often an indication that your cat is down with an infection and in addition it can also point to neurological disorders known as Homer’s Syndrome. It can also indicate an injury or tumor in her central nervous system.

Some common cat eye health issues to be wary about are conjunctivitis, glaucoma as well as cataract. Whenever you notice symptoms that point to your cat eye health being compromised you need to address the issue without delay; otherwise, your cat might lose her vision which would then further impair her health as well as quality of life.

Senior cat health is a subject that should get your attention once your cat has been with you for about ten years. In other words, cats that have attained the age of ten will be considered as being senior cats, and at this stage in their lives they are likely to develop certain problems including becoming inactive and for which you need to take special countermeasures to ensure her well being in her later years.