A Few Good Cat Breeds

Deciding to keep a cat as your pet is certainly a good idea though before proceeding further there are a few issues that need to be looked at closely and which need to be addressed properly. The first thing that should take up your time and attention is deciding on a cat breed. As you may or may not realize there are many breeds to choose from and arriving at a decision is often a lot harder than you may have expected.

Do Your cat Research

To make things easier it is a good idea to first of all do some research regarding different breeds so that you know the characteristics of each breed and can then decide on which characteristics will make your pet a more desirable one. Among other things you will need to decide on shape and size as well as demeanor.

The Abyssinian cat is a very popular breed and is fondly called the Aby. This is a cat breed that is playful and it is also very energetic and its personality traits too are very endearing. The best thing about the Aby is her loyalty and it is also a very attentive creature that will prove to be a great addition to your home.

Another option is the Balinese cat that was once known as the Longhaired Siamese with which she has many features in common with the sole exception that the Balinese has more plumed tail. However, just like the Aby, the Balinese too is a very attentive creature and it also enjoys being pampered by her owner with whom she will also develop a strong bond.

Cats like the Aby and Balinese are very energetic which means that whenever you think about having them as pets it is also necessary that you provide them with playthings and toys to ensure that they always have something to amuse them with and to also burn up their energy.

The Manx is another cat breed that deserves to be considered for a pet. Though she looks much the same as other cats, the Manx is different in that she does not possess a tail.

Regardless of the type of cat breed that you choose, one important aspect to keeping them is cat food. In this regard, it might be a good idea to take a more holistic view because this will allow you to choose foods that contain natural ingredients and in the correct proportions and that in turn means that your cat will then get the correct dose of vitamins and nutrients which are so important to their health and well-being.