Finding the Best Cat Toy Online


So you want to get a remote control mouse cat toy or scratching post or other toy for your cat, but are just overwhelmed by how many different toys are out there and wonder how on earth you would ever be able to decide just which one to get for your cat. Well, you should know that there are certainly more than enough options to choose from but a few in particular that are really worth considering.

FlutterBalls A Best Cat Toy Choice

If you want the best cat toy for your little furry friend, this is one that you are definitely going to want to consider. The FlutterBalls toy is really fantastic, and these are balls that are covered with an eye-catching animal print fleece cover, with a detachable feature section that makes them look like real prey.

This is a great toy for cats of all ages, and is made with quality in mind so it will not just rip apart no matter how eager to play your cat may be. If you want the best cat toy for your pet, this is one that you should definitely put on the list.

Best Cat Toy – Miracle Beam Laser

Another great option for the best cat toy is the Miracle Beam laser toy. This is really cool and easy to use. All you have to do is aim it around the house and the cats will run after it. It is not only great fun for them to play with but really funny to watch as well. You will get to be involved in playing with your cat, and don’t worry about the laser because it will not hurt them if you accidentally get it in their eyes or something.


Definitely great as a choice for the best cat toy, this is one that any cat would love to have around their house to play with.

Best Cat Toy – DaBird

Or as the best cat toy you may want to get this, the DaBird. This is the top pick among cat owners everywhere, and definitely one of the best cat toys available today. It is very inexpensive, and will provide your cat with endless hours of fun. It offers interactive play with is great for cats, and means that you will not have to worry about playing with them yourself, if you have things to do around the house.

You want to make sure that your cat is provided with entertainment, and this means buying them toys to have around the house.


Get Your Cat an Interactive Cat Toy

There are lots of different types of toy that you can get for your cat, but one that you will definitely want to make sure your cat has is an interactive cat toy. This is important because it will teach your cat, just like a child, to interact and socialize. The interactive cat toy is also much more fun and they will spend endless hours playing with this toy so it will be well worth the money.

The point is to find the best cat toy, so let’s take a look at a couple interactive cat toy options and decide which is going to be best.

DaBird Interactive Cat Toy

This is a really cool interactive cat toy. This is definitely one of the top picks, and provides hours of interactive fun for your cat. It offers lots of action and replaceable lures available which is nice because then if your cats do pull it off you will just need to buy the lures which are cheap and not have to go out and get them a whole new toy.

Cats love this toy, whether they are a playful little kitten or an adult cat, and so they will love it for their entire life.

Panic Mouse Interactive Cat Toy

This is another of the best interactive cat toys, one that you are definitely going to want to consider here. It is for supervised cat play because it could be hazardous if the cats were left to play with it on their own, and it is the closest thing to a real mouse. It actually uses computer generation for the erratic movement of the wand and lure and is not only fun for the cats to play with, but fun to watch as well.

The interactive cat toy will be a great buy, just make sure that you choose one that is made with quality in mind so that you know it will last and not just wreck a few days later. These are all great options but just remember that there are lots of others as well that you can choose from. The best idea is to have a couple different toys around the house.

This way they will always have things to play with and not only that but as well they will not be using your furniture and things to spend their time playing with. Toys are important for a cat to mature and have fun.

What is the Best Cat Toy?

It can be hard to answer the question of what is the best cat toy, simply because there are so many great ones out there. However, when it comes to finding a great cat toy there are definitely a few in particular that really stand out, and which will be discussed here in more detail to help you better decide just which one you would like to buy for your cat.

Suede Mice Cat Toy

This cat toy is really great, definitely one that you are going to want to have in the home for your own cat. They really look and feel just like regular mice, and so although they may give you a scare a couple times when you happen to just see them lying around the house, the cat is going to love them.

Cats just love going after mice, it is something that is inbred in them and so they are going to love playing with fake mice all around the home.

Cat Dancer Cat Toy

The Cat Dancer is another awesome cat toy, one that your cat will love. This is a great action cat toy, one with a metal spring with play tip that provides hours of fun for your cat. It is a simple but very interactive toy and one that they will never get bored of. Whether they are a playful little kitten or an adult cat, they will still enjoy playing with this toy.

Interactive Cat Toys

Any interactive cat toy will be great, and is important for your cat to learn hand eye coordination and motor skills. These are also great if you only have one cat and they are all alone, because it sort of gives them company when they have a toy that is interacting with them. Just like with humans, cats need company and need to have others around them and with the interactive cat toys they feel better.

It is really up to you as to what toys you get for your cat, but just remember that there are certain ones they are going to love more than others. You also want to make sure that whatever toys you do choose are going to be of good quality so they will last and not come apart and break a few days after you get them. Especially if you have more than one cat and the toy is going to get a lot of use, make sure that you find good ones.

Where To Find Cat Breed Information

Do you know exactly how many cat breeds there are to choose from when trying to decide on the proper pet? There are large breeds, small breeds, medium sized breeds, long haired, short haired, hairless, domestic, exotic and everything in between. The bottom line is that there are so many breeds out there that finding the right one can seem down right impossible. To find the right breed for your needs, you need cat breed information on each breed that seems feasible. The word feasible is used because some breeds may be out of the question due to such aspects as price, availability, location, and anything else that may keep you from being able to enjoy certain breeds. The internet is always a good place to search for cat breed information, you can always talk to a breeder or you can find books on the subject. All breeds will provide good, loving pets but you must be a good owner and take good care of that breed in return.

Cat Breed Information On The Internet

Going online is a great place to find information on all sorts of subjects. You can look up cat breed information on every breed imaginable. Some sites may even offer small quizzes that will then tell you which breed you should choose for your needs. For example, if you have small children and you live in an apartment, you may want to choose a domestic short hair small breed cat. The problem with the internet, though, is that anyone can post cat breed information on the internet and you really don’t know if the site or the information is valid. If possible, try to find information that’s from reliable sources such as non profit organizations dedicated to protecting the feline species.

Cat Breed Information From Other Breeders

A better idea might be to go to a breeder to find the cat breed information you’re seeking. A breeder will be able to provide first hand knowledge about the various breeds he or she deals with and that can give you great ideas for choosing your new pet. You may be able to find the breed you’re looking for right there at the breeders, too, which means you can have your pet that same day and then be off to the store to get it a new cat toy. The problem with breeder is that their knowledge may be limited to only select breeds. That means you could miss out on a certain breed that would be perfect for you just because that breeder didn’t deal in those types of cats.

Do Your Own Cat Breed Information Research

There are many books written about cat breed information. Do your own research using these types of books for references and you’ll soon learn so much about the various breeds that choosing the right type of breed for you will be easy.

What To Know Before You Choose Exotic Cat Breeds

It’s very tempting to want to choose exotic cat breeds for your new pet. Just looking at exotic cat breeds shows you how beautiful they are, how, well, exotic looking they are and how unique looking they are. They’re much more interesting looking than domestic breeds and they’re also much more expensive. It would be worth it to spend the money on an exotic breed but before you choose one of these breeds, you should brush up on all the cat breed information you can. Find out what it would take to care for the particular exotic cat breed you’re looking for, find out what illnesses they’re susceptible to and also what diseases they tend to catch. This will prepare for anything that could go wrong with your new pet so that you can ensure it lives a long, full life.

Breeders Of Exotic Cat Breeds

You should never buy an exotic cat breed from a pet store or accept them from somebody posting in your local newspaper. There’s no telling where these cats came from and they could already be sick or have some disease. It’s better to get an exotic cat breed from an actual breeder who is very knowledgeable about those types of cats. That way, you know they are well cared for, they’re healthy, they’re backed up by certification and you know exactly where they came from, including the names of their parents.


One thing you need to know before you buy an exotic cat breed is that you must ensure that it’s kept up with its immunization shots. Exotic cat breeds often aren’t prepared for the type of environment you’ll be keeping the cat in. It may not have the proper defenses against certain diseases and illnesses that it will constantly be bombarded with. Some breeders already have the shots taken care of before you buy the cat but some don’t. Make sure you know whether or not it’s had its shots so that you can make sure your cat remains as healthy as possible. If it hasn’t had its shots, take it to a vet who knows a lot about that breed of pet and make regular appointments from that point on.

An exotic cat breed will make a great pet if you return the favor by being a good owner and you take care of that breed as best you can. Exotic pets often need more specialized care than domestic breed pets but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Large Cat Breeds May Be More Aggressive

When looking for a cat breed that would make a good pet, you have many breeds to choose from. There are small breeds and then there are large breeds. You should be aware, though, that some large cat breeds are more aggressive than smaller breeds. Especially when you get into the exotic cat breeds, these larger cats are more likely to use their size and aggressiveness for hunting purposes. When you make the cat into a house pet, and then you anger the cat for any reason, the cat could get more aggressive and could hurt you if it is a large cat breed. This should be a warning to all those who have small children in the house. If you’re worried about your cat getting aggressive, you may be better off choosing a small breed rather than a large cat breed.

Talk To Your Large Cat Breeder

When you buy a new cat, you should always go with a breeder. That way, you can ensure that the cat is healthy, that it has papers and you can also find out who the parents are to make sure it comes from a strong blood line. That being said, you need to discuss your needs with your breeder so that you end up getting what you pay for. Make sure you tell the breeder if you have small children and that you really don’t want an aggressive cat. Now, not all large cat breeds are aggressive and you may be able to find one through your breeder that will be a large, but not aggressive, breed. Still, it’s likely that your breeder will point you towards a smaller breed so that you increase your chances of getting a better behaved house cat.

Large Cat Is Using Its Size

Even if your large cat breed is sweet and loving, and even if it’s fixed which usually tends to calm cats down, sometimes it will use its size when it feels cornered or it gets angry for whatever reason. Anyone who has ever owned a large size cat knows that when they are angry, they will lash out and they are strong. They can wrap their paws around your arms or legs and sink their teeth in. If you have a small cat breed, this won’t be a problem to just brush it aside. If it’s a large cat breed, however, that’s when you could really get into trouble.

Again, it all depends on your needs in what you’re looking for in a pet cat. It’s just that most find that smaller breeds do much better than larger breeds when making them into domestic house pets.

Buying Small Vs. Large Cat Breeds

Shopping for a breed of cat is not an easy task. There are so many different breeds to choose from. There are long hair cats, short hair, hairless, large, small, medium size, orange, black, white, Siamese, tabby, and much more. Depending on what you want, however, you really have to decide between a small cat breed or a large cat breed. Small cat breeds seem to be the choice for many people. The reasons for this are that small cat breeds don’t eat as much, they actually tend to live longer, they are typically more loving than larger cat breeds, they’re less aggressive and they make great pets even if you have very small living quarters. While some may like large breeds, small cat breeds may be better suited to being pets.

Finding A Small Cat Bread Breeder

Some breeders offer both small and large breeds. Some only have small breeds and some only large. Find a breeder that deals only in small breeds if that’s what you’re looking for. The reason for this is that you always want to find a breeder that specializes in the type of cat you’re looking for. It’s like the saying goes: Jack of all trades, master of none; find a breeder that is a master of small cat breeds and you’ll have a better chance of getting a healthy cat that will live a long life as your new best friend.

Types of Small Cats

There are many types of cats that fall into the category of small cat breeds. Talk to the breeder about your needs, such as what type of cat you’re looking for and the breeder will likely be able to tell you what type of cat would be best for you. For example, you might tell the breeder that you’re looking for a small cat breed that’s good with children, that’s better suited for an apartment, that will live a long time, that will be more behaved, etc. The breeder should be able to point you in the right direction as to the perfect small cat breed for you.

When you finally find a small cat breed that you like, you’ll be glad to know that they’re often less expensive than larger breeds. You’ll be able to enjoy your pet for a long time and you’ll know it will be healthy, especially if you went to a breeder, and you’ll know that it will be a loving animal; which is exactly what you were looking for.

Why Choose Domestic Cat Breeds Over Exotic Breeds?

When you decide to get a cat, you have a few choices. You can go to the local pet store and pick the fist small cat breed to catch your eye, you can look in your local newspaper to see if anyone is giving away free kittens, you can look online to see if anyone is selling or giving away cats, or you can do the smart thing and go to a certified cat breeder. The reason you want to go to a cat breeder is so that you can ensure that the cat is healthy, you will get papers on the cat telling you the parents were, what blood line it’s from and you’ll be guaranteed in case the cat gets sick or dies soon after you buy it. Now all you have to decide is whether to go with a domestic cat breed or an exotic breed. As you’ll soon see, it may be best to go domestic.

Domestic Cat Breeds Environment

When you buy a domestic cat breed, you know that it’s already used to the climate in which you live. You won’t have to worry about the cat not having the proper defenses against diseases and illnesses. This may not be the case with exotic breeds. Sure, you can get vaccinations and take exotic breeds to the vet to make sure they’ll fare well in your part of the world but you’re more likely to be successful with a domestic breed cat than a cat that’s from another part of the world entirely.

Domestic Cat Breeds Price

Unless you’re prepared to shell out major bucks for an exotic breed, you’re better off with a domestic cat breed. Domestic cat breeds are from here, and thus you won’t have to pay as much for them. When you go to a breeder for a domestic cat breed, you’re only ensuring that you’re getting a cat of great quality. While you’ll also get a cat of great quality from an exotic breeder, a domestic cat breeder won’t ask for as much money for basically the same quality of cat.

There are many types of domestic cat breeds. While exotic cats may look just that, exotic, and some are very beautiful, there are also many domestic breeds that are just as beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with choosing domestic, it doesn’t have to infer a lesser quality cat, and you’ll be ensured that it will fare in your neck of the woods because it’s already used to these types of surroundings.

Breeding Cats Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

There is much more to breeding cats than just getting a male and a female cat, putting them in a cage and letting them go at it. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes know how, it takes connections, it takes having certain breeds and blood lines and it takes money. That’s why true cat breeders are very much in demand, because people who only buy domestic cat breeds, for example, or even exotic cat breeds, would rather only go to a certified breeder. The alternative is going to a pet store or answering an ad in the local newspaper, which really entails getting a cat you know nothing about. When you get cats from these alternative means, you could get cats that have diseases, or birth defects or cats that don’t last very long. Therefore, if you want a cat that’s going to live a long, healthy life, and you want a pure breed with all the papers and certifications, then you’re going to want to go with someone who really knows about breeding cats. But what if you want to become a cat breeder? What does it entail? You can do well to talk with a cat breeder so that you can have all the qualifications it takes to participate in this very rewarding profession.

Is Breeding Cats a Job?

Breeding cats is a real job. Just like you have to go to college to get a real job in this society, you almost have to go to a breeding cat college. You must learn all there is to know about breeding cats. You must know how to make the cats mate, what to do when things go wrong, you must know all about the various vaccinations and cat illnesses, the diseases, the signs of those diseases, you must make connections with local veterinarians, the local certification board and even connections with other breeders. You must know where to get the cats that you’re going to breed. You must know all about the various breeds and the characteristics of those breeds. Then, when you put all of this together and you begin successfully breeding cats, you can make a lot of money. In fact, successful cat breeders are so successful that they often become very wealthy; especially when they get into breeding the really exotic breeds that can demand large fees.


It cannot be stressed enough that in order to successfully breed cats, you must get in good with local veterinarians. That way, you can have your cats vaccinated and you can also take your cats to that vet whenever they get ill or they begin to show signs of disease or illness. There are many vets but only a few will work with local breeders. The vet must respect the breeder and the way that breeder conducts their business. When you get in good with a local vet, however, your business will have a support system in case anything goes wrong. If you don’t have that support system, one cat getting sick could get all the rest of your cats sick and that could bring your entire operation to a halt.

That’s why breeding cats is not for the faint of heart and only those with the knowledge and determination to make it work will truly succeed.

Which Cat Breed Should You Get?

Some people choose their cats merely by the one that catches their eye at the local pet store. Some choose their cats by chance when they answer an ad for free kittens in the local newspaper. Others, however, are a little more choosy. They’re more scientific about how they choose their cat breed. They want a breed that truly fits their personality. Maybe their allergic to some breeds and thus want to choose a breed that will be a little more friendly to their system. And some just want a breed that they think looks beautiful. If you’re the type that’s a little more choosy than just leaving it to chance or by what catches your eye, you may want to look up a person who is an expert at breeding cats to find out which breeds are right for you.

Cat Breeds And Allergies

The main reason why some people don’t choose a certain breed is due to allergies. There are some cats that are perfect with those with allergies. It’s a myth that hairless cats are great for those with allergies because it’s not really the fur that exacerbates the allergic reactions but the actual dander, the dead, sloughed off skin of the cat breed. There are some breeds, however, that are good with those with allergies. You should ask a breeder who is into breeding various cat breeds which ones are great for your allergies. Some breeds work for some with allergies but not for others. Therefore, it may be worth it to actually hold a few cat breeds in your hands to make sure you don’t have a reaction before you actually buy and get attached to the cat you choose.

Beauty Of Cat Breeds

The other reason people choose some cat breeds is because of the look of the cat. They want a cat that looks beautiful and thus they want a cat breed that they will want to show off. You may not be showing the cat in pageants or shows, but you just want a cat that looks physically appealing. Long hair cats, and other exotic breeds are perfect for those who want a cat that they find beautiful. When you have a cat that’s very coveted by many would be cat owners, you can always expect to spend a little more than usual. However, when you go with a breeder and you spend the little extra money, you’ll more than likely get the papers and the bloodline to go along with it. It’s worth it when you know where the cat came from, what breed it is, who the mother and father were as well as knowing that the cat is certified.

There are many cat breeds to choose from. It’s likely you’ll find the perfect breed once you look up several breeders in your area and ask plenty of questions regarding the perfect cat for you.